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Eddie Griffin Fight

The Homophobic,

Delusional Explanation

7/16/2012 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Eddie Griffin is threatening to sue TMZ over the story we broke regarding the water-bottle throwing incident at a comedy club this weekend -- problem is, Eddie clearly didn't read the story.

Griffin has released a statement on his Facebook page ... in which he falsely claims TMZ accused him of "assaulting" a woman in the audience of his show in Pleasanton, California.

He also refers to the woman as a "dyke bitch."

For those who actually read the story ... you would know Eddie was NOT the instigator. It was the woman in the crowd who threw her drink first after hearing a joke she considered to be offensive.

Eddie then retaliated by pouring his water bottle on the woman ... and then throwing the bottle at her.

Despite the facts, and footage of the incident, Griffin released the following statement:

"These TMZ bitches said I assaulted a "WOMAN" at my show in cali. I don't know what kind of eyes these mutha f**kas got but that dyke bitch threw a glass of whatever she was drinkin' in my face. All over a joke about dyke bitches!"

He continued, "Now TMZ be careful with your choice of words, I didn't ASSAULT a goddamn thing! if I had a n*gga would be locked the fuck up. As usual, media doing sensationalism instead of journalism."

"Ya'll better retract your story before i sue ya'll bitch asses for defirmation of character!…or…rather what you really do…character assassination!!! You parasitic mutha F**kas!!!..TMZ these nuts bitch!!!"


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Dino the Dinosaur    

Ah, leave the guy alone. Go Eddie Go, Go Eddie Go, and Eddie, calm the hell down.

768 days ago


not sure what's more hilarious, his entire statement or the lack of editing skills at tmz lol...

768 days ago


Once again, patent misuse of the English language, to suit the social libs at TMZ as they please. Can you at least leave our language intact?
A homophobe defines EG as being afraid of lesbians. I am pretty certain they do not scare him. Maybe they piss him off, maybe they digust him, maybe they make him sad. None of the above emotions are defined by the word "homophobe."

Here are some English words for you to sub in next time....


Or, wait for it, the big one...

Ad hominem attacker.

No, don't use that one-Half of your readership will fall out with sore brains if you use that type of smart people stuff.

768 days ago


I think E.G. read your story. That's just his spin.

768 days ago


I'd love to hear the joke that started all this.

768 days ago


Some people are sooooo stupid, they're not smart enough to know they shouldn't speak in public. Eddie, you're a moron. Why do people go see shows like this moron?

768 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I liked him on Malcolm and Eddie.

I didn't read the other story, but if you're sensitive, you shouldn't watch stand-up...and maybe if you're sensitive, you shouldn't do stand-up.

768 days ago


He and Katt Williams should do a comedy tour. They could call it the "Reinforcing the Stereotype Tour".

768 days ago


How would y'all know "defirmation of character" wasn't actually an error on TMZ's part? It wouldn't be the first.

768 days ago


When did our Society decide that being dumber than a box of old rocks was cool?

768 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Still trying to analyze what he was saying in the article. Not sure what language it is either.

768 days ago


Seems to me, when you tweet that kind of stuff, the only person responsible for defaming you....would be YOU, AZZHAT!

768 days ago

Duke Steele    

Who knew he was such an eloquent speaker.

768 days ago


More Race Disgrace....I would be embarrassed to be Black these days...

768 days ago

Tony H.    

What an eloquent retort by Mr. Griffin. In between spraying us with the latest in bottom-drawer, prison-yard profanity and misspellings, he manages to cram in the n-word so many times my eyes were bleeding. Cleary, you're an educated man, as well as a role model.

768 days ago
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