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James Cameron

Attention Nerds:

I Did NOT Steal 'Avatar'

7/16/2012 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron is sick and tired of people claiming he stole the concept behind "Avatar" -- and has now filed legal docs, asking a judge to dismiss a $2 billion lawsuit that says the movie wasn't his idea.

TMZ broke the story ... science fiction writer and professional nerd Bryant Moore sued Cameron for $2.5 billion back in December -- claiming Moore came up with the basic premise behind "Avatar" ... and Cameron jacked it.

In his lawsuit, Moore says Cameron pilfered several ideas from Moore's screenplays -- including bioluminescent flora/plant life, unbreathable atmospheres, matriarch support of hero vs. heroine, and spiritual connections to environment ... and reincarnation ... and .... mist.

Now, Cameron's fighting nerd fire with nerd fire -- insisting the Na'vi (the alien race in 'Avatar') are NOTHING like the Gavadeen Alliance or the Pollinators (the alien races in Moore's movies).

In fact, Cameron says NOTHING about Moore's scripts has anything to do with "Avatar" -- they're different from beginning to end.

Cameron wants a judge to dismiss Moore's case ASAP ... so he can focus on making more ridiculously profitable flicks.


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He might not have ripped off Bryant Moore, but James Cameron has admitted several times that he wanted to make "John Carter" but couldn't get the rights--so he ripped off THAT story (and a bit of 'Tarzan' lore) instead! The "Na'vi" are straight out of a 'Tarzan' tale which featured blue, cat-like tree-dwelling humanoids and the rest is mostly "John Carter" by his own admission. Edgar Rice Burroughs is no longer among us, so Cameron seems to think he can have free-reign to gut his legacy. His "Avatar" doesn't even deserve to be stacked near Andrew Stanton's "John Carter" on the DVD shelves. (I thought "Avatar" was an insipid, unoriginal bore). Thankfully, "John Carter" was the amazing phenomenon that I'd expected it to be. Pity that Disney's lack of marketing didn't give it a chance in the US, but even that couldn't keep it down once the DVD was release, which is why it immediately hit No. 1.

792 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

It's not possible for anyone on the planet to lay claim to those concepts!

Bioluminescent plants/lichen exist here on Earth.

Every single planet in our solar system (and probably most of the others we know of) has an unbreathable atmosphere.

Matriarchal societies have existed for thousands of years.

Native Americans (and many other cultures) have strongly believed in a spiritual connection to Nature and their environment.

NONE of these concepts belong to Moore, Cameron, or anyone else for that matter.

792 days ago


This guy has No case. He wants to be paid for a " story", is he implying that all those artists who worked for Jim did nothing? Just you make a hit in Hollywood and the Arse-holes will show up, If this movie made 10 cents we would not be hearing from them.

792 days ago


If anybody should be suing Cameron, it's Poul Anderson. Ridiculous how much credit Cameron gets for stuff he didnt even come up with himself

791 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I never watched "Avatar" in a cinema, only on TV (without the 3D whoop-dee-whoop) a few months ago. I changed the channel before the first commercial break and looked up the rest on wikipedia later. Boring as fcuk. I must have watched over a dozen movies or episodes of TV shows with the same basic storyline over the years. It's a run-of-the-mill garbage script decorated with tens of millions worth of CGI "bling".

790 days ago


What about Pocahontas?

790 days ago


Stop being so critical everyone, I support Jim
He didn't stole Avatar

Avatar is a love story movie, like any other love story movies, there exist hundreds, to thousands of love story movies, so shut up about that he stole it

You all who say he stole it, are skxawng
it means you are a moron

786 days ago


J. Cameron is a well know thief for stealing ideas...give it up and settle, before you make things worst for yourself.

711 days ago


Actually, he is a bully, and he stole the name, so it's entirely possible that he stole the movie too.
He made so much money off of the movie, he was able to bully the makers of Avatar The Last Airbender, one of the best animated series ever made, and he was able to force them to change their name on their follow up series, "Avatar, The Legend or Korra". They probably didn't have enough money to fight him.
I liked his movie, and I have seen it several times, but that doesn't change the fact that he is a thief and a bully. Avatar: The Last Airbender was first.
I am not talking about the most horrible movie ever made. M. Night should not only never make another movie for as long as he lives, but he should be arrested for crimes against cinema.

207 days ago
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