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Lindsay Lohan to Dad

You Shoulda Kept It


7/16/2012 8:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she was absolutely shocked when she learned her father knocked up Kate Major ... and immediately began to wonder how the bona fide deadbeat dad will pay for yet ANOTHER child.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ ... Lindsay is saying she's very confused by the situation and disappointed that she has yet to receive a call from Michael Lohan to discuss his brand new fetus.

We broke the story ... MiLo just got the news his GF is with child. We're told she's in her first trimester.

Lindsay has expressed some serious concern about how her mother will react to the news ... considering Dina has dragged Michael to court numerous times over the years for failing to pay tons of money in child support.

Thanksgiving should be fun this year ...


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Tons of money? TMZ reported the amount in dispute a while back when Dina dragged Michael into court and it was pocket change for them. Well within the level for legitimate debate to be decided by the court. Especially since Dina might make more money than he does, for all we know, and changes like that figure into the decision. Besides, only one of her kids is on child support now.
Yes, he should keep it in his pants. (She should keep her pants on, too - contraceptive measures can fail.) But Lindsay has never had any trouble taking pricey gifts from the guy for her own use. She should just stay out of any disputes between her parents, they're both such liars anyway.

725 days ago

help this young woman    

No reason for DUIna to worry about his finances anymore, what with all those millions she's raking in from the "heroin" movie, starring that award-winning thespian Token Lohan, Jr. "Sources" say he's been studying his part and has taken to "method acting". DUIna's been teaching him how to shoot up while Tweeting. As soon as he learns how to "register", let the VHS cameras roll!

725 days ago

Rick Taylor    

Yes ! you are totally correct. He should have kept it in his pants 27 years ago. They we wouldn't have had to suffer though all the mistakes, addictions, and Lies.

725 days ago


Lindsay is right about how he should have kept it in his pants. If that were the case, i wouldn't be reading this lame story about this white trash girl, her sister, crazy mother and jailbird dad. Keeping swallowing comments to myself

725 days ago


I can't stand Michael, but there's a possibility it isn't even his. Kate isn't exactly known for being faithful to anyone. She has a reputation for sleeping around.

725 days ago


Kate seems to be the type that prob partied a lot. How do we know some other loser is not the father? Either way I feel sorry for this kid.

725 days ago

Miss J    

Mayas didn't express themselves properly when they discribed the end of the world. Something about a army of little Demians babies was missing. Seems that Rosemary is pregnant.

725 days ago


@Agent Scarecrow I thought it was her on the left in this pic but I'm not so sure anymore, I will leave it for the resident hair extension experts to decide. Plaid shirt guy standing to the right definitely looks a lot like Deen though.

725 days ago


Publicity stunt.

725 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ugh, too much Lindsay and Milo stuff today, but perhaps it is deflection for the REAL story. We'll see, I am sure.......

725 days ago


And the question is.......

Why didn't he just use a condom???

725 days ago


I don't understand all the Lindsay stores today either. TMZ goes weeks without any stories, now they're all appearing in one day. Maybe Harvey needs money and needs the hits???
Something odd is going on.

725 days ago


Didn't he actually kick her in the vagina a while ago?

725 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I think the "judges" story is a set up for how the next turn of judges will be or be not handling her.
Right or wrong, whatever, I am not going to debate that with her enablers, but I will say that this drama does not shine favorably on Lindsay. Some may see it a victory of sorts for her, I see it as a branding of a troublemaker. I would not want to be in her shoes when she faces the next judge, particularly if it is a criminal matter.

725 days ago


Some people should never have children. So she had restraining orders against him.....and then she has sex with him!! What a joke!!! She is disgustingly immature& unstable & so is he. He can't even take care of the kids he already has. I pity this innocent child.

725 days ago
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