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Lindsay Lohan

Drags Down 2 Judges

7/16/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lindsay Lohan didn't just get herself in trouble during her never-ending courtroom hijinks ... two veteran judges have been disciplined for improper conduct while presiding over her criminal cases.

Judges Marsha Revel and Elden Fox had their wrists slapped by the California Commission on Judicial Performance. Revel crossed the line back in 2010 in the middle of one of her probation violation cases -- she met alone in chambers with former OJ Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro, who was trying to represent Lohan. The judge should never have allowed Shapiro in her chambers without the prosecutor present.

As for Fox, you may recall during another probation violation hearing in 2010, Fox denied Lohan bail altogether -- something generally reserved for murderers and rapists. The judge's order was overturned the same day.

The discipline is minor -- but it's all part of the mess created by Lindsay Lohan.


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Should Lohan end up back in court (more than likely when, hopefully not killed anyone in the meantime) the kid gloves are off. No more benefit of the doubt, no more cutting her breaks. Nothing to do with jail everyone knows that's a joke which of course Lohan is fully aware of.

Good chance the next time the misdemeanor or whatever book will be thrown at her.

725 days ago


Is the Shyla Stylez video with James Dean? Is he the guy in the link that Nikki posted? If so, why would Lindsay do a movie with him?????

If so, this is really disgusting. Porn, porn, porn.

725 days ago


EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Did Samantha Ronson Spend The Night With Lindsay Lohan!?Posted on Mon Jul 16, 2012 07:00 AM PDT

Samantha Ronson was snapped doing the walk of shame leaving the Chateau Marmont early on Sunday morning, so we have to ask whether she spent the night with ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, who practically lives at the hotel! Neither of the ladies have tweeted anything at one another, but they have been on better terms lately, so we would NOT be surprised if the duo hung out (or more) yesterday.

Later in the day Sam tweeted a photo of herself in the same outfit on the set of her "Summer of Sam" music video, and after listening to the tune, we have to wonder if some of the lyrics are about Lilo!

I mean, who else could this possibly be about?

I won't remember, remember you
June in the city, a night you can't ruin ...
Midnight and I'm so tired but
I won't stay home
Beat down and bruised by your words
But I won't stay low

Singing all our favorite songs
Won't you come and sing along
Up above it I'm so high

Singing pop songs in the taxi
Getting f*cked up in the back seat
Singing pop songs in the taxi
Throwing up on 26th street

Think Lilo and SamRo will ever get back together?

725 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Yes Luv, it is that video. Since it is porn and you could see his junk, it was easy to see that he was aroused each time he struck, choked, suffocated, strangled, humiliated or gagged his female costar. He actually hit her very hard and she was visibly bruised on film.

725 days ago


HELL(P) Nicole aka L-Lofan and Black Cloud a must see for you three....This will be Lindsay Lohans

725 days ago


wtf are you talking about TMZ? two judges don't do their job properly and you blame Lindsay? Judges are there to KNOW the law and both failed.

The TMZ witch hunt of Lindsay Lohan continues.

725 days ago

Fat Mike    

How is it her doing? I suppose you also blame other people when you do the wrong thing, like print false stories, which you seem to do pretty often these days.

725 days ago


"Danette Meyers may have been taken off the case because she refused to set high bail on the shoplifting case".

Prosecutors DON'T SET BAIL, judges do.

725 days ago


It's the judges own damn faults for overstepping their bounds, so I don't feel the least bit sorry for them.

725 days ago


TMZ with this story you have shown everyone how crazy some of your employees are. By blaming Lindsay for Judges not doing their jobs properly is downright madness.People can see exactly whats happening here.

725 days ago


and another thing, TMZ creditability has down the crapper. Mainstream media outlets can now see your bullying of Lindsay continues. Blaming Lindsay for 2 Judges unprofessional behaviour is outrageous.

725 days ago


Ironic, isn't it, that enablers are ok with Lindsay and the enablers themselves blaming everyone but Lindsay for her problems. But when TMZ blames Lindsay for the judges indiscretions, it's a travesty of justice!

725 days ago


Judges are adults, they made their own mess, Lindsay has nothing to do with it.
Judges are just as commonly corrupt as anybody else in the world, and judges do often get *personal*, using their own bitterness in life from experiences to project revenge onto some random accused person.
Happens all the time.
Like the angry father in 12 Angry Men, personal agenda can sneak in.

725 days ago

Red Cloud    


I've always said Lindsay caused her own problems. I think that's obvious to most fans. What haters have a problem with is the fact that Lindsay is rising and rising above the mess she created. Why do haters have such a gigantic problem with that fact???? Strange!
gone, gone, gone................

725 days ago


@red cloud...i think the difference is the definition of 'rising'. Your definition of rising is a straight to Netflix movie with a $100,000 budget, and you seem to be fine with her accident and having to call paramedics to wake her up. Personally, i think she has taken steps backwards. I think she was better off when she was doing her modeling, and staying out of clubs.

You have to admit that even YOU have lowered your standards when it comes to Lindsay. You used to talk about an Oscar in 5 years...and 2 starring roles in big screen movies. Now you're happy with ANY movie and role.

725 days ago
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