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Lindsay Lohan

Drags Down 2 Judges

7/16/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lindsay Lohan didn't just get herself in trouble during her never-ending courtroom hijinks ... two veteran judges have been disciplined for improper conduct while presiding over her criminal cases.

Judges Marsha Revel and Elden Fox had their wrists slapped by the California Commission on Judicial Performance. Revel crossed the line back in 2010 in the middle of one of her probation violation cases -- she met alone in chambers with former OJ Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro, who was trying to represent Lohan. The judge should never have allowed Shapiro in her chambers without the prosecutor present.

As for Fox, you may recall during another probation violation hearing in 2010, Fox denied Lohan bail altogether -- something generally reserved for murderers and rapists. The judge's order was overturned the same day.

The discipline is minor -- but it's all part of the mess created by Lindsay Lohan.


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The bottom line of the movie, for me at least, is that I would not want my name associated with James Dean. It would be in her best interest to find another project to work on.

777 days ago


fashion police is destroying Lindsay..with her CCK showing...

777 days ago


New Thread

777 days ago


The Judges caused their own problems by not following the law and giving Lindsay special treatment.

777 days ago


I wouldn't really say she "dragged down" two judges. Just like the rest of us, judges make mistakes from time to time. The mistakes were corrected, and the judges were made aware of their mistakes. It happens all of the time. It's just getting press because the Lohan tornado is associated.

777 days ago


I'm not surprise. It was just odd how the whole thing play out. It look pretty shady from the start, which Is why I don't trust the system. And here comes big lawyer Harvey spouting off about "Oh she a tough judge, because she put OJ away." No! OJ put himself away for being self-guilt, overly sensitive idiot. All she did, was make a easy judgement call that all Americans knew, and pretty much saw coming. At least give credit to someone who deserves it, and not this old hag.

777 days ago


Revel made a stupid mistake, but given how she handled the rest of the case I think we can forgive her. The only time Lindsay has looked well and behaved herself was when Judge Revel was supervising her probation. As soon as that ended she has gone right back to her old ways.

As for Judge Fox, I think the public's approval of his action outweighs the reprimand.

777 days ago


Typical TMZ mentality...Lindsay was to blame and the Judges had nothing to do with it. Why doesn't TMZ do a story on Harvey's involvement in the original OJ Simpson's trial?

777 days ago


"See!... I knew all along that those judges were corrupt, It was all their fault and not Lindsays', she has never done anything wrong ever.. ever.. ever!..... See, that means Lindsay was innocent! I've been telling ya'll this Lindsay is innocent!!!"

777 days ago


I would imagine these oversights happen in other cases as well, not just Lohan 's case. Lindsay was in court so much, odds are sooner or later mistakes would be made.

777 days ago


This is not a mess created by Lohan - these people have minds of their own and wanted 15 minutes of fame. Good grief. I'm not a Lohan fan by any means but to put the blame onto someone other than the judge and attorney is wrong. These two people know the law and what they can and cannot do behind closed doors.

777 days ago

South Beach    

If they screwed up on her cases they probably screwed up many more. You can't blame the defendant no matter who it is because the presiding judges don't know how to do THEIR jobs.

TMZ is getting pretty sloppy guys. Better tighten things up over there.

777 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

As much as I dislike LiLo... how on earth is any misconduct by the judges who handled her cases her fault? This is just idiotic!

She's doing enough nonsense that can be - and will be - criticised and hated on for weeks and weeks, you don't have to pull asinine stories like this one out of your behinds!

775 days ago
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