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Nick Cannon

'American Idol' Can't Afford Mariah Carey!

7/16/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0715_nick_cannon_videoIf "American Idol" wants Mariah Carey to be one of their new judges, they are going to have to break the bank ... this according to Mr. Carey himself, Nick Cannon.

Mariah is one of the big names that has surfaced since Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler announced they were not coming back to "Idol" next season.

Cannon told our photog yesterday that it's going to take a HUGE payday to get Mimi to fill Lopez's vacant seat. He told us, "I don't know if they can afford Mariah Carey. That's a lot of money. If they gave JLo $20 million, they might have to double that!"
Money seems to be an ongoing theme when it comes to divas and singing shows. As TMZ previously reported, Britney Spears based her "X Factor" salary on what JLo made on "Idol" (which we hear is less than the $20 mil Cannon seems to think).

Your move, "Idol."


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Mariah would make a perfect judge!!!! She has an incredible voice and is a songwriter! And let me remind you that Mariah is the best selling female artist of all time according to Billboard :) J-LO should have never been a judge because she has no talent when it comes to singing....

738 days ago


This Man-Whore ought to just shut his gob and concentrate on laying the pipe to his Master like he was hired to do.

738 days ago


"If they gave JLo $20 million, they might have to double that!""

Mariah is not all that, she is on the downward slide of her career. Take the money and be glad for the work.

738 days ago


Mariah deserves the big pay. She has influenced just so many artists, Aguilera, Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Beyonce, literally everybody who auditions on any talent show... if it was for Mariah or Whitney there would be no Idol

738 days ago

mary kay    

Clay Aiken is the obvious and smartest choice for one of the judges, he is honest, music knowledgable,
not afraid to speak his mind, not fake and would bring back a lot of fans.

738 days ago


Why are these rich folks so greedy? Their heaven is only here on earth. I rather have the riches that are everlasting.

738 days ago


How about they get real singing judges this time?!?! People Like Jimmy Iovine, Clive Davis and LA Reid do this for a living! We need more people like them on these shows. No more fake judges who are only good for cashing big checks!

738 days ago


SHUT-UP Nick Cannon! Go live with the Kardashians since you're just as talented and arrogant as them!

738 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

These bitches would want anybody for this hasbeen show ! What's your next move ? Hire a Famous porn star !

737 days ago


Nice to see a young man standing up for his mother.

737 days ago


He's delusional. Mariah hasn't had a hit in years, unless you count her jewelry line on HSN.

737 days ago


I think Mr Cannon overrates the relevance of his wife.

737 days ago

Christy Kouma    

Just goes to show how stuck up these two people are and how money hungry they have become. The fact that he made that statement makes me sick since he is only known because he is Mr. Carey and lives off his wife. Yes I know he hosts a talent show or did but that does not make him a star. Plus as far as Mariah there are better qualified singers out there who would love to be a judge on American Idol who would not ask or make such an outrageous statement. Nick you better stay married to Mariah so you can live in the lap of luxury so you both can keep your noses so high up in the air you do not have to mess with the common American folk who come on American Idol. Lastly I do not think Mariah opinion would really matter to me as a person watching the show since she is to high and mighty for me Mr. Carey. By the way you planning on changing your last name any time soon.

737 days ago

truth hurts    

Mariah's too flaky anyway. Where is the real talent. I think they should get a real producer like Pharell, or Timberland, a real singer like Katy Perry (if she's done touring) and a real performer like Nicki Minaj or someone else with great stage presence. I'd watch then because I haven't really watched idol since the Fantasia season. I peeked back a few times but it couldn't keep my interest.

737 days ago


wow...what a greedy if she doesnt already have enough money to feed a third world country...I can't stand celebrity's that act this way

737 days ago
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