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Artie Lange

'I Was Arrested

in Paris, France'

7/17/2012 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Artie Lange says he spent a night in a French jail cell sometime in the past couple of weeks ... after a failed attempt to fight police officers outside of a theater in Paris.

Lange explained the arrest on the "Nick and Artie" radio show yesterday ... saying while the show was on break over the past couple of weeks, he flew into a "white out" rage in Paris after becoming upset with his girlfriend.

Artie says the woman had gone to a theater with a friend following the argument ... but Lange was so upset, he followed her to the venue and began screaming, "Get out here, you effing c**t."

Cops responded to the scene, according to Artie, and told him to calm down ... but the confrontation only enraged the 44-year-old who says he then "took a swing" at the cops.

During the altercation, Lange says cops ripped his shirt off ... before putting the comic in handcuffs and transporting him to a nearby jail.

Lange -- who's struggled with substance abuse in the past -- claims he was clean and sober during the incident ... saying he was just really, really angry.

As for Artie's GF -- the comic says he and the woman broke up following the arrest.


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He's only 44? He looks like he's in his mid 50s! Damn, kids, drugs r bad!

826 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Those French cops must have been sorry they ripped his shirt off. The very thought of this man naked makes me violently nauseous.

826 days ago


NY Post Page 6 reports that comic Artie Lange who’s best known for being a Howard Stern sidekick stabbed himself nine times in a suicide attempt. How can he stab himself in a suicide attempt? Are there no self preservation mechanisms in Artie Lange’s mind that would prevent him from inflicting pain upon himself continuously with intentions to take his own life? I mean – I can understand someone taking pills, jumping off the building or pulling a trigger of a handgun in their mouth, cause this type of suicide attempt only takes a simple one time action and that should be it. But stabbing yourself? How can you stab yourself and do it repeatedly while you’re at it?
According to Page 6, Artie Lange was discovered bloodied in his Hoboken apartment by his mom who alerted the police by calling 911 and had him taken to a hospital. Surgeons say Artie Lange was bleeding heavily due to excessive stab wounds but they managed to save his life. So now that his life is saved, Artie Lange can chalk this suicide attempt off as another of his life failures. If you can’t even kill yourself properly then you seriously fail at life. Bloody show off.

826 days ago


He was not out of hamburgers, the pig !

826 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Who is he?????????????

826 days ago


Artie is as funny as hellz but he needs to get help. His drug and anger issues got him fired from Howards Stern's show. He is talented but he has so much anger over his dad's death and his mother and his sister smother him.

826 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Oh boy, he is free! Any takers?

Thought not.

826 days ago

buzz kill    

What kind of bimbo would date this fat slob, he can't have that much money.

826 days ago


we have no respect for any man who calls a woman a c*nt just because he's "really, really angry." i hope the fat bastard ODs soon.

826 days ago


Too fat to die. Artie is washed up, nothing to see here anymore since he ruined his own career.

826 days ago


Haha at least he was nice enough to call her an "effing" c*nt, instead of a f*cking c*nt :D

826 days ago


I'm sorry for all parties involved. Artie is a talented and troubled soul, his gf knew this also. Life is hard.

826 days ago

BB not bb    

He cracks me up though. He said the people of Paris were walking by looking at him lying in the gutter and going "What is that?" That is pretty funny.

826 days ago


Hes a pig.

826 days ago


NOw thats funkin actin...artie is the only real actor left in gollywoods hills of tanackins.Playball than in your pants fool til yourt needle slick goes awall.GOOD work art flucker plunk face duckie

826 days ago
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