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Drew Brees

Full Serve Gas is a RIP

Even for a $100 Mil Man

7/17/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees just signed a deal worth roughly $100 million ... and he still REFUSES to let anyone else pump his gas. #fullserviceisforsnobs.

Brees was rollin' through New Orleans yesterday when he decided to fill up his SUV ... and whipped out his cell phone at the same time ... a cardinal sin at most gas stations because some people believe the static electricity from the phone can ignite gas vapors and cause an explosion!!

But before you freak out about Brees ... don't ... because according to the FCC, the cell phone thing is completely unsubstantiated.

The FCC website states, "Scientific testing has not established a dangerous link between wireless phones and fuel vapors."

"The wireless industry has done studies on the potential for wireless phones to create sparks that could possibly ignite flammable materials. The studies generally conclude that while it may be theoretically possible for a spark from a cell phone battery to ignite gas vapor under very precise conditions, there is no documented incident where the use of a wireless phone was found to cause a fire or explosion at a gas station."

The more you know.

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I am Spartacus    

I'm from Jersey we don't pump our own gas. Just another job for someone to at least make a living.

795 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Think of how gross that gas pump is you're grabbing. Nobody likes smelling like gasoline. People pay for fast food so someone can make and give them their food without having to get out of the car but god forbid someone pumps gas for them?!?

If you all grew up not having to pump your own gas you'd love it. Gas is not more expensive in NJ than it is in other places. Someone who may not be able to find another job now is earning money.

It's funny that you people get on your high horse when it comes to someone providing an easy service for you so you don't have to. So when it's raining you don't have to get out of your car.

795 days ago


Good for him, and the dude is even driving an American made automobile, too. My hat goes off to Drew Brees.

795 days ago



795 days ago


Sure wish there was a full service gas station in the working class town where I live, have bad back problems and it is difficult for me to stand vey long at all. Couple of times I have paid a mechanic a few bucks to pump my gas. The only full service gas station in the town I used to live in closed down and is now yet another useless Walgreen's.

795 days ago


Glad you guys cleared that up. I was always terrified to even have my cell phone out I would always bury it in my purse when I pump gas.

795 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

If you believe anything the FCC says, you deserve anything that will happen to you...

(cue: Theme from "Jaws"...)

795 days ago


I've met Drew a number of time and he is such a down to earth guy, not the super star athlete attitude at all !! And his wife is just as nice !! He always has time for his fans ! Was on a flight from Honolulu after the pro bowl, when he sat in coach class with his family and signed autographs and took pictures with anyone who asked. And further back in the coach cabin was Phillip Rivers who acted as if he was too important to be bothered !!

794 days ago


Unsubstantiated or not, all pumps have a notice on them directing the customer to turn off their cars, not to smoke, and not to use a cell phone while at the pump. Rules of the house are rules of the house, whether you agree with them or not.

794 days ago


umm where is there a full service gas station in New Orleans? Been living here awhile, NEVER seen one... always have to pump my own gas :O(

794 days ago


Bunch of dumbass people...I own a FULL SERVICE GAS STATION...when you fill up at my station ...we wash your windows, check your oil and other fluids, check your tires and VACCUM your car. Note Vaccum we turn vaccum cleaners on and off all day long no explosion from the click... Our station has been in buisness sence 1957... We employe 5 people... I'm sure Drew Brees would be my customer if he lived here....hehehehe...because we have AWESOME SERVICE....

793 days ago


We don't have any full service stations in New Orleans or anywhere else I've been in Louisiana... Drew Brees has done SO MUCH for New Orleans, he has embraced the city as his own and has reached out to us & made us reach out to each other. He loves our city just as he would had he been born here and we love him for it. He's an amazing athlete, yes, absolutely, but first and foremost he's an amazing human. His work, his fundraising, his love & positive attitude gives our city hope. Forget about finding your CHILDREN a hero, Drew is a hero to EVERYONE in our "Who Dat Nation" and beyond! WHO DAT!!!!! Geaux Saints!!!

790 days ago
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