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Tom Cruise

Reunites with Suri

7/17/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Tom and Suri Cruise in New York City.
10:45 AM PST: 
We're told Tom is taking Suri to Chelsea Piers later today for her gymnastics lesson. As for how Tom picked Suri up ... we're told he went to Katie's apartment, but he never saw his soon-to-be ex-wife. He was inside the apartment for less than 5 minutes.
Tom Cruise
has reunited with his daughter for the first time since Katie Holmes filed for divorce last month.

Tom wrapped his latest movie shoot and flew to New York City, where we're told he'll be spending several days with his 6-year-old daughter. This pic (above) shows Tom carrying Suri into The Greenwich Hotel.

Sources tell TMZ ... Tom will have no contact with Katie. Suri will be picked up and taken back with the help of intermediaries.

The picture (below) shows Tom's sister, Cass, bearing gifts as she enters the hotel.

We're told Tom is "sad but not bitter" about the way things have gone down. Nevertheless, it looks like there is radio silence between Tom and Katie.


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The stuffed animals, his sister brought for Suri, probably have listening devices and cameras in them. Just a thought.

797 days ago


Can this 6 yr old not walk? They are always carrying her. Teaching her to be dependant or what?

797 days ago


I can't believe that the comments here are forcing me to defend Tom Cruise, BUT this little girl is going through the trauma of their parents divorcing which is bad enough for a child without being stalked by paparazzi every time she goes out the door. So IMO if she needs the comfort of being carried so be it. Sheeesh

797 days ago


I thought what a beautiful site to see Tom Cruise holding Suri. No one can deny he is a wonderful father and a family man. I wish people would stops making nasty comments about him. Whether I agree with him on what he practices or not has no bearing on the fact that I am a huge fan of his and have always been. He is a the greatest actor in Hollywood and I just love watching his movies. He is so so good. Not to mention so good looking. So sexy.

797 days ago


Why are people so nasty re Tom Cruise. Everyone is different in this world and we have to respect how others choose to live their lives whether we agree with them or not. He is paying his share in child support which many fathers don't and I hope, since Suri loves him, that they get to see one another often. Katie Holmes did not want Suri to break away from her father. Who is anyone to judge?

797 days ago

For Sooth?    

In a way it is sad that Tiny Tom will never know the degree of separation from Suri that he has put in place for Nicole and the two children they adopted TOGETHER. It just shows what huge cu*ts Tom and the people he has running his life are. He is very, very lucky Katie didn't go full CO$ with his ass in terms of visitation rights.

Maybe he'll go bat S again and have his visitation revoked.

797 days ago


He probably slapped a few listening devices in her apartment lol...jus kiddin' I don't approve with the way his wife went about all this. She is putting her child through hell.

797 days ago


Since the Divorce, if you look at all the recent Photos- Katie had been successfully WEANING 6 YEAR OLD SURI OFF of CARRYING HER. Katie had been making her walk- even stopping on the street to bend down and reason with her and NOT pick her up, just Monday, when they were wearing matching Pink outfits, and WALKING with her into Chelsea Piers, and WALKING with her into the Children's Museum. And WALKING with her in the supermarket this week, and not letting her ride in the wagon like a baby? But notice how TOM COMES TO TOWN AND IMMEDIATELY SURI REVERTS TO BEING CARRIED LIKE A BABY IN A FETAL POSITION? Tom just undid all the great work Katie put into normalizing Suri's behavior for her age.

Another change Katie made- for the first time SURI WAS SPENDING TIME WITH OTHER KIDS- now Tom comes to town and that stops. Also, Katie had STOPPED THE LATE NIGHT OUTINGS with Suri, to finally stop the sleep deprivation that Scientologists like to perpetrate. Now Tom will undo that too? A sleep deprived child or adult can be completely controlled. Katie should have prevented this from happening.

797 days ago


Why doesn't Suri's parents let her fricken walk? They have enough bodyguards around so it is not for her safety. Let her walk for crissakes!

797 days ago

Jackie M    

Why is that child being carried so often? Seems to me she has perfectly healthy legs (with very happy flipflops).

797 days ago


People are so judgemental. Just because you see one picture of tom carrying suri then oh generalize everything. And for all those who are leaving nasty comments to Tom. Get a life and leave the guy alone.

797 days ago


seriously she gets carried like she is a baby!!! she is six y is she being carried its naseating she is such an only child they treat her like such a baby. i usually dont judge people i dont know but it is ridic!

797 days ago


I am happy that tom reunited with his daughter as she loves her Father and he is crazy about her..just keep that religion away from her and when she is older she will decide which I think by then the church will be out of commission or has changed its tactics and needs a majot overhauling for it to survive...

797 days ago


Why do celebrities have to carry their children when they can walk? The children carry blankets and suck their thumbs way past toddler age.

797 days ago


Oh for Pete's sake, he has not seen his child for over a month, let the man carry his daughter. Did it ever occur to anyone that Suri missed her Daddy and wanted him to carry her in order to be reassured that he didn't abandon her and that he is still her loving parent? I'm not a fan of Scientology, but Mr. Cruise has not shown himself to be an unfit parent, thus he deserves to be involved in his daughter's life, for both of their sake's.

796 days ago
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