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Tom Cruise

Reunites with Suri

7/17/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Tom and Suri Cruise in New York City.
10:45 AM PST: 
We're told Tom is taking Suri to Chelsea Piers later today for her gymnastics lesson. As for how Tom picked Suri up ... we're told he went to Katie's apartment, but he never saw his soon-to-be ex-wife. He was inside the apartment for less than 5 minutes.
Tom Cruise
has reunited with his daughter for the first time since Katie Holmes filed for divorce last month.

Tom wrapped his latest movie shoot and flew to New York City, where we're told he'll be spending several days with his 6-year-old daughter. This pic (above) shows Tom carrying Suri into The Greenwich Hotel.

Sources tell TMZ ... Tom will have no contact with Katie. Suri will be picked up and taken back with the help of intermediaries.

The picture (below) shows Tom's sister, Cass, bearing gifts as she enters the hotel.

We're told Tom is "sad but not bitter" about the way things have gone down. Nevertheless, it looks like there is radio silence between Tom and Katie.


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Those look like the toys I've seen in other photos, Suri's been carting them around for a few days.

806 days ago


Tom is carrying Suri BECAUSE 1. he hasn't seen her for a few weeks, he really misses her 2. he hasn't see her since all this STUFF 3. he's hurt, he's trying to protect Suri from hurt in case she feels hurt. 4. she's his little girl, the baby. 5. he may feel like she's the only friend he has.

I'm on Team Tom. I know he's a little nuts with his religion, but Katie signed up for all this. Tom NEVER hid anything. Katie didn't do her homework & that's her fault. And nobody had a gun to her head when she had sex with him and then later walked down the aisle.

I feel bad for Tom, but I didn't like how he treated Nicole when he divorce her either. So payback is a bee- uh, not fun.

He's a big boy & smart. He'll be fine. And the women will again line up for him.

806 days ago


hey sis, tuck in your ear.

806 days ago

Kriss about ripping someone apart, right down to his shoes.
Freedom of religion-- why do you care what religion he practices? I'll bet most of you are "Christians", what was that about judging?

806 days ago


If they have bodyguards, why do they keep on carrying the child? Isn't she getting heavy especially with all those stuffed animals she carries & isn't she starting school soon?

806 days ago

Delaware D    


806 days ago


can this 6 year old child walk?

806 days ago


Finally with Tom Suri will get to be a normal child and go to sleep at the proper time - not 2 am like that useless, gold digger ex-wife of Tom's had he out to every night. Her 15 minutes of fame is over and she knows it. She is officially being called Tom's Ex . . . just another one of the Heather Milles' of the celebrity world.

806 days ago


Wow the fact that K won't speak to him or be seen in the same room speaks volumes. I know what it is to be that mad at an ex.

806 days ago


Jeezus f*cking christ - does that kid ever walk anywhere???? WHY do they carry her like she's a baby. She's too old to be carried. Make her walk!

806 days ago


Some of you "HATERS" really need to give the "Scientology" bashing a "REST"!!! According to what I read in People magazine, Katie Holmes was much more concerned about her "LACKLUSTER" ACTING CAREER than Scientology. The "REALITY" is that "NONE OF US" really knows why this marriage "IMPLODED" except Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Since they have "AMICABLY" SETTLED THEIR DIFFERENCES, THERE'S NOT REALLY ANYTHING ELSE TO DO EXCEPT TO WISH THEM "BOTH" THE BEST OF LUCK!!! Tom Cruise will CONTINUE TO MAKE MOVIES and Katie Holmes has HER "FREEDOM" TO DO WHATEVER SHE WISHES FOR "BETTER OR WORSE"!!! Tom Cruise's other ex-wives didn't waste the rest of their lives "WHINING ABOUT HIM OR SCIENTOLOGY" SO WHY SHOULD WE???

806 days ago



806 days ago

A viewer    

Put some decent shoes on the non-walker. Instead of more and more and more stuffed animals and gifts, how about "time" Mr. Scientology. Be a dad, not a store.

806 days ago


i wonder if tom cruise models himself after his FUGLY sister when him and david miscarriage play dress-up.

is she not dirt-bag ugly?

806 days ago


holy ****e! is this scientoloTARD short, or what? look at the difference in suri's and his body. there aint much difference. by the time she is 9, i bet she will be looking down at her wack-a-do 'dad', just like the rest of the world is looking at him, and his cult, now.

it is good to see that katie is wearing the pants now, which leaves tom lotsa time to play dress-up.

and how come the cult is allowing tom contact with katie and suri, when they have obviously 'blown' from this freak show cult? huh? because tom has been rendered impotent by katie, the media, and the world.

na nu na nu.

the movie the master should shut down this cult once and for all...

806 days ago
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