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Uma Thurman

Shows Off New Baby

One Day After Giving Birth!

7/17/2012 3:55 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Uma Thurman and her newborn baby daughter.Just one day after giving birth, supermom Uma Thurman was already out and about in public holding her newborn daughter at a cafe in upstate New York.

With her one-day-old bundle of joy safely in her arms, the 42-year-old was spotted at Press and Blend in Woodstock, New York. We're told Uma is a regular at the shop and ordered cold pressed juices. A new mom needs her nourishment!

On Sunday, Uma gave birth to her first child -- whose name has yet to be announced -- with boyfriend Arpad Busson. She has two children with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, while Arpad has two children from his previous relationship with supermodel Elle Macpherson.

Anyone know of a good nanny?


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Throwback kid    

PANEWS.ORG Thank you for the Anthony Michael Hall update, I'm glad to see he is still alive. I loved him in Weird Science, I thought back then he would have become a huge movie star and not Robert Downey who was also in that 1985 classic

792 days ago


Newborn babies are not born without an immune system. Pregnant mothers pass immunoglobulin antibodies from their bloodstream, through the placenta, and to the fetus. These antibodies are an essential part of the baby's immune system. Immediately after birth, the newborn has high levels of the mother's antibodies in the bloodstream. Babies who are breastfed continue to receive antibodies via breast milk. This is called passive immunity because the mother is "passing" her antibodies to her child. This helps prevent the baby from developing diseases and infections. During the next several months, the antibodies passed from the mother to the infant steadily decrease. When healthy babies are about two to three months old, the immune system will start producing its own antibodies.

Also, this is Uma's third child. I am sure she is able to make educated decisions on how to care for her child.

792 days ago


I didn't even know she was pregnant lol.

792 days ago


if I needed coffee that bad, I'd have my assistant fetch me some while I laid out by my pool...she looks a little wacky, kinda like she just snatched her from the nursery and ran

792 days ago


dumb cow-you should never bring a day old baby outside in extreme weather,they can't regulate their body temps at this point.

792 days ago


Why don't these celebrity mothers understand that the "bucket" you put the baby in as a car seat is much safer than carrying them in your arms. God forbid they trip and fall while carrying the baby. Take a note from Brittany.

792 days ago


This lady is nasty, because I have given birth to three children and when you have a baby you bleed constantly for several days. What's going to happen is that she is going to have a relapse that's going to cause her to get rushed to the hospital. These new mothers these days are going to learn to keep their behinds in the house. What is the rush?

792 days ago


What's she trying to prove? Take yourself and your newborn home and rest and give baby a chance to breathe nice clean air not germ infested ! Babies need to have some time to adjust to this new environment! Taking them out is something she doesn't have to do! She has help and she doesn't need to strut her stuff the day after birth! What a Kook! Uma your 42. stop being silly.Go rest woman.

792 days ago




Another fine example of the worst writing in the industry.
16 hours ago

I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!! And Harvey Levin wonders "WHY" more traditional news outlets "IGNORE TMZ"!!! EDUCATION or "POLISH" ISN'T REQUIRED to work at TMZ!!! TMZ Live SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!

792 days ago


I think Uma looks awesome in this picture!!!

Wow ... some of these comments are scary hateful ... please people ... can you get rid of the negativity you spew and educate yourselves.

I am happy to see Ms. Thurman looking great after having just given birth. Congratulations to her, and the rest of her family, for the newest member of their family.

792 days ago


I COULDN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE, LISA!!! Unless it's an "ABSOLUTE NECESSITY", mothers who have recently given birth should really "LIMIT" exposing themselves and their babies as much as possible to the public, in general. Coffee houses are "ANYTHING BUT STERILE" and too many people WON'T EVEN COVER THEIR MOUTHS WHEN THEY SNEEZE. There's just too many germs and viruses for an infant's immune system to deal before the child start receiving regular immunizations. DISEASES AREN'T RESPECTERS OF "PERSONS OR LOCALES"!!! Better to be "SAFE THAN SORRY"!!!

792 days ago


Not a good idea to take a newborn out to a public place close to Mama but it's ok to stay in a hospital full of germs and infections???? Don't be a fool thinking hospitals are clean, sanitary places.

791 days ago


I'm no expert or anything but is it wise to be out and about with a 1 day old baby? I mean they tell you not to take your puppy outside for a while when young.

791 days ago


you can see a cute picture of her baby here

791 days ago


what idiot takes a 1 day baby out into the filth ridden general public. what a moron.

791 days ago
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