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George Zimmerman

to Trayvon Martin's Parents

'I'm Sorry'

7/18/2012 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman
has issued an emotional apology to the parents of Trayvon Martin ... and says he prays for them every single day.

Zimmerman sat down with Sean Hannity and for the first time on camera, the man who shot and killed 17-year-old Martin back in February is talking about the incident.

During the interview, which airs tonight on Fox News, Hannity asks if Zimmerman had a message for Trayvon's parents ... to which George replied, "I would tell them that, again, I’m sorry."

After noting that he and his wife do not have any children of their own, he continued, "I am sorry that [Trayvon's parents] buried their child ... I can’t imagine what it must feel like and I pray for them daily."

Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder ... and if convicted, could face up to life in prison.


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Go to hell you racist pig

805 days ago


I partially wish this was reality, act uppity and assault people and you get shot... If this was a thought in a criminal mind they might get shot and die, they will think twice... before more ignorance and violence.

805 days ago


He apologizes on Hannity, of all people? OMG! Making it a political platform is just digging a bigger hole for him to hide in. This only validates the fact that his attorney is an absolute idiot for allowing him to be interviewed while on bail awaiting his trial. I guess he'll be on that other idiot's show tomorrow. What's his name? Oh yeah, Rush, the moron who thinks The Dark Knight is a political attack on Romney. Dumb A$$.........

805 days ago


Where did Zimmerman's attorney attend law school? Letting his client speak to the media before trial? WTF. I won't pass judgement on his guilt or innocence..thats for a jury.

805 days ago


And you expect intelligent comments on a website that glorifies people like the Kardashians lol! He will be acquitted...check out Criminal Justice 101 little minions...just saying

805 days ago


He is on FOX NEWS to apologize for killing an innocent young man. Go Away Already!

805 days ago


YAY! Support for the aggressor, or atleast so it seems! If someone wants to critically assault you, you A) consider their well being before your own B) You React with the assault measures available. C) you bow down and how all goes well while not caring about your own protection.

805 days ago


you did the crime now pay the time... this apologize must of felt like a slap to the face to the parents. sorry doesn't cut it nor jail time, they should give him the death penalty for commuting a hate crime.

805 days ago


He should have backed off when told to do so instead he murdered this innocent young man!His apology does not cut it!! Karma is a wonderful and hopefully it will get him soon!!!

805 days ago


Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman. It was a viscous attack, not a run-of-the-mill fist fight. Trayvon was violently slamming George Zimmerman's head onto the concrete. Trayvon may have been a little to young to fully understand what his odds were when he decided to attack a much smaller man. He most likely felt the odds were in his favor, man-to-man. I'm guessing he did not consider for one split second that he risked defeat if his target was armed. And that's the sad part. He was too young to decide to risk it all, over nothing. I'm guessing his odds may have been 500-1his target may be armed. Trayvon Martin put George Zimmerman in a horrible position: to shoot to end it or save his life OR save Travon Martin's life and take his chances on his own life. Since Trayvon was the attacker and had weight and height advantage, I'm sorry to say that I must side with George Zimmerman. Peace.

805 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

He is a sorry ass loser ! **** you !

805 days ago


ok so my last comment was a little harsh. I take it back. Shouldn't have said that

805 days ago


Am I the only one who noticed this every time that POS talked it was '' I was the victim I had a broken nose I had cuts a on the back of my head me me me me, and his stupid chuckle you could tell he was LYING through his teeth, he had to back track what he was talking about .

And another thing that caught my eyes and ears He never once shed a tear if he was truly sorry for killing an innocent kid he would have been crying but he never did.

So that right there shows me he knew what he was doing the dispatch told him to wait in his car until the cops showed up but seeing as his dad was an ex judge he thought he was going to be untouchable so he went out and shot someone because in his own words Trayvon '' looked like he was on drugs or something and Trayvon was running' '

okay lets say it was raining that night would you run hom so your not soaking wet from the rain answer is YES you would run home but tonight Zimmerman told Sean '' Well he wasn't really running but more like skipping '' so he went on TV and lied again to the public and he and Mark O Mara wants us to believe Zimmerman I say Lets NOT.

805 days ago


Wow just wow. " I pray for them everyday"? Seriously? You need to be on your knees praying to God to protect you forgive you and change you George Zimmerman you lunatic. Ignorant egotistical cowardly scared little wimp with your tails between your legs because now YOU are unarmed vulnerable and at the mercy of someone else just like TM was when YOU decided to shoot him.

805 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

First let me say this: I'm a conservative and my beliefs revolve around those ideas.

But I'm somewhat confused with the political nature this case has taken. It seems like conservatives are kind of protecting Zimmerman and I have no idea as to why.

The guy was instructed by the 911 dispatcher to not to follow Martin. But he continued to do so anyway. It's a clear cut case to me...Zimmerman caused this killing with his arrogant disregard for the instructions of the 911 dispatcher.

Why does it seem that conservatives are backing this guy? I think they should back off the guy. He killed a kid he profiled as strange because of the color of his skin and nothing more.

He's arrogant and he needs to pay the price for his crime.

mike t.

805 days ago
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