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Kerry Kennedy Crash

I Wasn't on Drugs

... I Had a Seizure

7/18/2012 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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071812_keri_kennedy_splash_launchKerry Kennedy has plead not guilty to driving under the influence of drugs during her July 13 car crash ... claiming she had a seizure as a result of an old head injury.

Kennedy appeared in North Castle Town Court in New York last night to answer for the incident in which she crashed into a tractor-trailer around 8 AM. Cops said she failed multiple sobriety tests and exhibited slurred speech.

But Kerry says she may have accidentally told the cops she had taken an Ambien sleeping pill that day ... but says she was mistaken, claiming tests showed "no alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription medication in my system."

Kerry also claims she underwent neurological tests following the crash ... and an MRI revealed "an area of hyper density" in her brain which she claims is the result of an old head injury. 
"This accident was caused not by a sleeping aid but by a complex partial seizure," Kerry said.

Kennedy -- daughter of Robert F. Kennedy -- is due back in court in August.


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She didn't "accidently" tell the cops squat. What's with this family anyway?

Bobby Jr.: made both of his wives miserable. Ex heroin addict, current sex addict can’t stop having affairs. Too many affairs to count.

Joe Jr.: flipped a Jeep & crippled a girl for life

Uncle Teddy: drove drunk off a bridge, fled the scene, reported it the next day after he sobered up, begged a family friend to take the blame Too many affairs to count.

Doug: attacked a nurse

Wm. Kennedy Smith: RAPED a girl at the beach

Patrick: DUI car crash, blamed Ambien

John Jr.: recklessly drove his plane into the sea, killing himself, his wife & sil

Michael: had sex with the teenage babysitter, killed himself playing football on snow skis

Courtney: married an IRA terrorist, gave up US citizenship for Irish citizenship.

President Kennedy: Too many affairs to count including Marilyn Monroe

RFK Sr.: had affair with dead brother's wife

Kerry: DUI crash, first blamed Ambien, now blames a "seizure". Had affair that wrecked her marriage, lost custody of her three kids. Bobby Jr. had an affair with the wife of her lover.

This family belongs in a zoo. I thought my family was a mess; this family takes the cake puts the "fun" in "dysfunction".

I guess these Kennedy peeps would fbe a fun bunch to party with tho

835 days ago


I'm inclined to believe her. I mean, come on folks... The Kennedy Family has a long history of being perfectly honest about everything... remember?

835 days ago


Remember Mary Jo Kopechne she died on this day after Teddy drove her off a bridge and left her. He wasn't under the influence either.

835 days ago


"Has pled" or "has pleaded", not "has plead".

Come on...

835 days ago


Seems to be going around (former Secretary of Commerce).

835 days ago


Ok, then you are not fit to drive. I guarantee that if the state states that she can no longer drive, she will go back to the Ambien story. This "entitled" family has lived lives of drugs, alcohol, mob ties, fraud, extortion,adultery, fleeing the scene - end result killing a girl (Ted), etc. I don't understand why folks look at them as untouchable - they are not the royal family.

835 days ago


whatever beotch

835 days ago


I see. So this is the current excuse all rich/famous people are going to use now when the smash into cars? Are you paying attention Lindsay Lohan? Next time don't blame it on the breaks - it was a seizure!

835 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

Do all kenedy's lie? Can you name ONE that doesn't? Seizure my arsssss. . . so no being drunk is a SEIZURE?. . .

835 days ago


I take Ambien. That pill looks like my estrogen so I keep them seperate as I do any pill I may take. I find that these so-called famous people have every excuse in the world for the crazy actions and are always trying to get out of the trouble they get into. If one of us common folks do something inappropriate, we have to suffer the consequences - fine, jail time, etc.

835 days ago


This drunken sperm depository is just as bad all the rest of that pathetic family. I wonder if this was her excuse when she cheated on her husband ....oh I had a seizure and fell on his dick!!!!!!!

835 days ago


I'm sorry, but I have got to call shena****ns on this one. I know Ambien will not show on a blood test hours after you've had it. I know this because I was slipped ambient in a drink not long ago and when I later went to the hospital they did blood tests. The police told me if it was ambien we would never know because it doesn't hang around in your system. KK is full of ****.

835 days ago


If the prosecution has tests that show there were NO chemicals for her to be under the influence of, then why are they prosecuting? There's no law against driving tired, stupid, or seized; THOSE aren't really provable. Driving under the influence of a prohibited chemical substance is.

835 days ago


"Exhaustion" is so last year! We rich and famous prefer "seizure" now.

835 days ago


The past tense of plead is pled or pleaded, depending on the context. If you have a proofreader, they should be fired.

835 days ago
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