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Kerry Kennedy Crash

I Wasn't on Drugs

... I Had a Seizure

7/18/2012 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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071812_keri_kennedy_splash_launchKerry Kennedy has plead not guilty to driving under the influence of drugs during her July 13 car crash ... claiming she had a seizure as a result of an old head injury.

Kennedy appeared in North Castle Town Court in New York last night to answer for the incident in which she crashed into a tractor-trailer around 8 AM. Cops said she failed multiple sobriety tests and exhibited slurred speech.

But Kerry says she may have accidentally told the cops she had taken an Ambien sleeping pill that day ... but says she was mistaken, claiming tests showed "no alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription medication in my system."

Kerry also claims she underwent neurological tests following the crash ... and an MRI revealed "an area of hyper density" in her brain which she claims is the result of an old head injury. 
"This accident was caused not by a sleeping aid but by a complex partial seizure," Kerry said.

Kennedy -- daughter of Robert F. Kennedy -- is due back in court in August.


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If she is subject to uncontrolled seizures, then her privilege to drive should be revoked.

793 days ago


She's a Kennedy, she's genetically prone to crashing. And yeah, like BLAH said, somebody has already used that one.

793 days ago

Eva Stuart    

K. So independent of the "claims"...what does the police report say? What do the toxicology results show and what is a "partial" seizure???

793 days ago


Gotta admit, it beats the "I was suffering from exhaustion" excuse.

793 days ago


Haha..... Yep, seizure the new "get out of DUI" excuse for the elite...wonder if this will work for us common folk????? NOT

793 days ago


Bobby Jr. must be secretly enjoying the fact that the media is now focusing on his sister and not on the horrible way he treated his wife, both in life and in death.

Part of me secretly hopes that Cheryl Hines sticks around and gets what's coming to her with this serial womanizer.

793 days ago

Cheryl A.    

She realized that the Ambien excuse had already been used so she came up with the seizure theory. Except if you have seizures you are not allowed to drive. Keep throwing, Kerry. Maybe something will finally stick.

793 days ago


"I had a seizure" seems to be the new "it" excuse for causing a car accident these days! Isn't that what Obama's Commerce Secretary just used too!

793 days ago


I may have bought the old "seizure" chestnut if she hadn't "mistakenly" said she had taken Ambien. Drug tests notoriously don't pick things up. There are very rare false positives (caused by the use of OTC drugs, poppy seeds etc.) but tons of false negatives. It's all in the timing of the test and the accuracy of the machines that test (not to mention staff doing sample screw-ups).

793 days ago

b kaczmarski    

The Kennedy's are such a delightful group. Liar Liar.....

793 days ago


Seizure? Riiiight. Another attempt at spin control from a family of liars.

793 days ago


How come when rich people have accidents while drunk they have seizures but when it's a person without a lot of money, it's drunk driving. Now here's an idea for a reality show: Kennedys vs Lohans. It's called knuckle draggers. Each week we'll see which s***bag family is lower on the evolution scale.

793 days ago


Didn't that other kennedy (name)?, that attacked the nurse in the maternity ward have a seizure too?

793 days ago

yeah right    

now a change of story, did she forget that Patrick Kennedy used the "it was the Ambien" excuse? I had been prescribed to Ambien about 5 or 6 years ago. I would eat in my sleep, call people on the phone and not make any sense, I even tried to cook something and burned it. That is why I would ask my friend (who I was living with at the time) to hide my car keys, then I finally got off Ambien because I would do odd things and not remember any of it the next day, now I am also offended by Kerry Kennedy's bs story about her "having a seizure" when she was behind the wheel of her car...because my mother has a seizure disorder, she can't drive and can't do a lot of things. My father, me, and my brother drive my mom to doctors appointments or where ever she needs to go. This woman should own up to whatever she drank or took...instead of insulting our intelligence . The only reason I would believe she had a seizure if it was due to drug or alcohol withdrawal. End of Story.

793 days ago


Ambien can do some seriously messed up things to a person, and they should be supervised when using it. I don't see why she feels the need to lie about it -- unless she was purposely misusing the Ambien.

793 days ago
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