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Gives BF a Hand on Stage

7/18/2012 8:06 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

When not flashing body parts, swastikas or putting a gun to her head on tour, Madonna likes to get touchy-feely with her 25-year-old dancer boyfriend Brahim Zaibat.

At her London concert on Tuesday, the 53-year-old Queen of Pop slipped her shirtless boy toy a couple of fingers into his mouth and then took a break from grabbing her crotch to reach around to his nether regions.

While Madge's latest stunt is sure to cause the usual barrage of misogynistic and ageist comments to be hurled her way, if you had a ripped hot lover half your age you wouldn't be able to keep your paws off him either.


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What is with all this ageism?? If you didn't know the number of years shes been alive you wouldn't even notice AND if she were a man it would be OK. She has the energy and the looks of a 20 something. Why do you people think there should be an age to shrivel up and die?? soo judgemental~ come on world let your freak flag fly and get off your high horse!

791 days ago


I agree with the pp who said he looks like Rocket J. Squirrel.

791 days ago


Is this tour the 'I need to find new ways to be a 53 year old shocking fool'? I mean is this dumb? she needs help

791 days ago


"While Madge's latest stunt is sure to cause the usual barrage of misogynistic and ageist comments to be hurled her way, if you had a ripped hot lover half your age you wouldn't be able to keep your paws off him either."

Its assinine comments from gossip site like this
this keep this old aged wash out whore keep on doing stuff like this......She has done about everything on this failing tour to gain pubicity expect bite a chicken head off or have sex on stage one of which is probably next..disusting old bag....Take your sagging ass back to Detroit were you come from.....oh thats right Detroit don't want you there...

791 days ago


This is so wrong on so many levels. Lola is probably terrified to bring a boy home because her mother may steal him.

791 days ago


Looks like a grandmother trying to help her grandson with his zipper. I actually am starting to feel bad for Madonna. Her time came and went. And she was good during the 80s. Now... She is making herself look like a pathetic desperate old lady doing whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight. Very sad.

791 days ago


Madonna has made all of her money on controversy. I quit watching and listening back in the 80's when I happen to see her in a bride's dress humping the air. It's a shame, because at one time, I really liked hearing her sing, too bad she couldn't just stick with that.

791 days ago


She makes me want to puke in my mouth!

791 days ago


Swastikas, flashing boobs, groping man-bits... Isn't it odd that with all this press about her lately, that there is never one single mention of her music. Maybe because nobody cares?

791 days ago


She needs to stay home and rest on her laurels now so to speak. So not relevent anymore. Silk purse out of a sows ear. In her case never could be done.

791 days ago


Madonna who?
Of course not "Lady madonna"...

791 days ago


Her stunts wreack of desparation. Can't help wondering how embarrassed her daughter must be at having to put up with it

791 days ago


if it was caga everyone will be ok with that, now that's Madonna it's not - WTF???!!! get real people, she is a girl wanna have fun!!

791 days ago

Enough Already    

She is trying so hard to keep her youth that she is looking pathetically desperate. While I don't see the appeal of dating someone your own kids age, if that's what rocks your boat, go for it. But for God's sake, please put some class into, would you Madonna?!?!?!? If your daughter was doing this, (hopefully) you would see the disgust in it. Wrong on so many levels!!!! Those pictures make you look a whore seeking pedophile!!!

791 days ago


I have nothing against older women dating younger guys.... but this boyfriend of her's doesn't look like a man. He looks like a little boy and its creepy. Madonna is GROSS. I liked her better after she stopped performing - when she was married and acting her age - like a normal parent.

791 days ago
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