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Michael Jackson's Doctor

The Medical Board

Thinks I'm Crazy!

7/18/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0718_arnie_klein_tmzDr. Arnold Klein -- one of Michael Jackson's closest friends and the doc who prescribed untold quantities of medications for the singer -- has been ordered by the Medical Board of California to undergo psychological testing -- and Klein is demanding to know why.

Klein's lawyer filed legal docs, suggesting the testing was triggered by "some scurrilous, disreputable source, trying to cause Dr. Klein trouble."

The Med Board has ordered Klein to submit to a physical exam, which includes "biological testing to determine the presence of scheduled and/or illicit drugs."  The Board also insists Klein submit to psychological testing by a shrink selected by the Board.

And it gets even tougher for Klein ... The Board has informed him if he does not submit to testing, they might yank his license.

Klein has gone to court, asking a judge to force the Board to disclose who's behind the whole thing and why they think he might be unstable.


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"...they might yank his license." that fat ass bastard is still practicing. Must be a Jew, those Jews look out for their own---no matter how nefarious. Similar to what they did in Germany.... Oopps sorry, you're not suppose to know that... It's called the "Big Lie [truth]"

725 days ago


Who in thier right mind would want this guys sperm
Oh yeah Wacko Jacko thats who

725 days ago


Sometimes Klein says the craziest things...and reportedly, he is suffering from an illness that impedes movement... so the Board does have the right to ask!

725 days ago

Cheryl A.    

You ARE nuts, Doc! Every time I have seen you, listened to you and even looked at your picture I thought there was something wrong with you.

725 days ago


he's still alive? he looks like he ate from ell polo, mostly tamco

725 days ago


you are a crazy bastard.....and a gave a pedohile the drugs he needed...youre a sad phk....a disgrace to doctors also should be behind lying piece of chit!

725 days ago


he shouldve went to trail just as conrad did, i mean he did introduce the drug to michael, conrad may have been the doctor that killed him due to his selfish acts but michael wouldnt have known about this drug or depended on it if this guy wouldnt have introduced it to him

725 days ago


The Jackson family didn't go after him because he is MJ's kids father.

725 days ago

mj fan forever    

If the Medical Board yanks his damned license it's only good, it's what this disgusting betrayer deserves, he is not at all Michael Jackson's friend and was not even a doctor for him, he just injected him with demerol most probably contributing to cause him insomnia!!!!! Also, he told many disgusting slanderous lies about Michael Jackson through the media to raise money!!!! Anything for money!!!! He does deserve to lose his license and go to hell!!!!

725 days ago


First and most, FINALLY! ANd this is where his Baby Momma came from. Debbie was a nurse at Klein's office (and obviously gay, like the rest in this group?)
This guy crossed many lines.

725 days ago


And I think he's an A$$HOLE and a crooked! Ever since Michael died this doctor has been all over the news putting the dirt on everyone but him! HE was the one who got Michael hooked on all those drugs! And he has more dirty laundry under his sleeve than any one of us could have the malice to guess!

725 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Uh, I don't think the Medical Board would order something as serious as a pyschological evaluation based upon allegations from a disreputable source. lol That's a really weak argument.

725 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

I would take being called crazy over being called complicit in a murder. But hey, call me crazy...

725 days ago


And people should learn to mind their own business! Or at least, have respect for other people's private lives! It is cruel, rude and in bad taste that some people are making comments about the paternity of those kids. It's actually nobody's business. When the time is right, I'm sure the Jackson family will address that issue, and will give us all the honesty to satisfy our curiosity. If they don't, we should get the message. It's their private business.

725 days ago


rip michael

725 days ago
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