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Michael Vick

Ripped By Animal Org. --

You STILL Don't Care About Dogs!

7/18/2012 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick doesn't really care about animals ... and should NOT be allowed to own another dog ... this according to the ASPCA.

After Vick went on CNN and told Piers Morgan he hopes to get a new puppy for his kids, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals immediately spoke out against the NFL star who spent 19 months in prison for illegal dogfighting. 

"Vick’s journey toward rehabilitation and redemption has not reflected any direct concern for the wellbeing of animals, and we’ve never heard him express a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed" ... the org. tells TMZ.

The ASPCA continues, "Rather than talk about the horrors and brutalities of dog fighting, Vick has instead chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught."

"Vick’s actions have been simply self-serving and not remotely expressing remorse. Because of this, the ASPCA has serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet guardian."

In other words, don't expect to see Vick at the next ASPCA adoption event.


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No Avatar


So he is good enough to work with the HSUS, but the ASPCA doesn't trust him? Interesting.

765 days ago


They didnt say that when he donated no telling how many thousands to the ASPCA lol....jeesh

765 days ago


All the commenters with caps like "MIKEVICK" and FORTHELULZ" is the same stupid azzwad that's commenting on everyones post trying to justify giving Vick a second chance to hurt a dog.

Stupid, unemployed, humanless Troll!

765 days ago


I HAVE THE SOLUTION....Have sick vick in an arena with the baddest pitbull known to man, fight it out on pay per view. No weapons...if he wins he gets a dog for his kids...if he loses we all win. Procedes goes to the ASCPA of America.

765 days ago


Not defending him, but last time I checked, it wasn't anyone's place to judge someone else. I would believe the Humane Society would have a different stance since he has been actively giving talks about dog fighting since he has been out of jail. He has brought alot of information to the forefront about dog fighting. He paid his dues, time to let him move on.

765 days ago


He still doesn't care about dogs! He still doesn't think he did anything wrong!

765 days ago


He has been speaking to kids for years now about the evil of dog fighting. He spent his time in jail. Our system believes in redemption and so do I. I hope he does get a dog and teaches his kids that dogs should be loved and respected. I hope all of you condemning him have never done anything wrong. I hope that none of you have ever decided to drink and drive. I know it's different, but the idea that most people deserve second chances and Vick is no exception. Good for him and his kids. I hope he continues to educate kids and doing good things for animal related causes.

765 days ago


For those who keep shouting in whiny girlie voices, 'BUT BEN ROETHLISBERGER GOT OFF! IT'S OBVIOUS RACISM THAT VICK WAS IMPRISONED AND THE WHITE GUY GOES FREE!!' Kinda hard to prove Roethlisberger did what was accused after it was discovered that the 'victim', in a sworn affidavit, told a friend that she (Andrea McNulty) was hoping she had gotten pregnant with a "little Roethlisberger". Hmmm... In the other case, there was no semen found on the articles of clothing, the accuser was drunk, and other than some lacerations in her genital area (from whom? when? how?) the medical examiner determined everything 'normal'. Of course the DA dismissed the charges, there was no way to prove _anything_ beyond a reasonable doubt there.
CONVERSELY, with Michael Vick, there were piles of dead animals on his property, some of which he personally electrocuted, others he bludgeoned to death with his own hands. GANGSTA!

765 days ago


He is a disgusting pig. He's only concerned with himself.

765 days ago


I completely agree with ASPCA. He's never shown empathy for the dogs he fought, tortured and killed. This ridiculous story of wanting a dog for his kids is more about him and giving the big FU to the people who dislike him. He could care less about the dog's welfare. The way he keeps obsessing about getting a dog is a big red flag. He should be just concentrating on his career and family.

765 days ago


They are just animals, it's no big F'ing deal.. it's wrong to punish humans for animal abuse considering how much meat we eat in the U.S.

765 days ago

The Neko Nation    

He may say he is a changed man and that he is sorry but he still shouldn't be allowed to own a dog. You don't electrocute, drown, and slam dogs by their hind legs against the concrete till there dead and not having something seriously wrong with you.

765 days ago


Wow! Some of these post are soooooo hateful. You people act like you have been around him daily. That could be the only justification for your rude and ungodly comments other than racism. NEWS FLASH an AFRICAN AMERICAN mans life is important. Let see how you would react if your child was attacked by a killer pit bull. None of you including the ASCAP dog people have any right to judge him and state their opinions like they have. People make mistakes, but they are NOT their mistakes. Nor should they have to relive the mistake over and over again. How he has dealt with hly know, i'm sure you've done no research into his efforts since being released from jail. As far as being welcomed back to the NFL. He is great with God given talent why wouldn't they want him back. Before he went to jail he gave the MAN their money back and lost a lot. I couldn't imagine spending one night in jail let alone 19 months. Hey y

765 days ago


I love dogs, I hate special interest groups.

765 days ago


Vick is remorseless, soulless human being that does not give one damn about anyone but himself.

765 days ago
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