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Michael Vick

Ripped By Animal Org. --

You STILL Don't Care About Dogs!

7/18/2012 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick doesn't really care about animals ... and should NOT be allowed to own another dog ... this according to the ASPCA.

After Vick went on CNN and told Piers Morgan he hopes to get a new puppy for his kids, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals immediately spoke out against the NFL star who spent 19 months in prison for illegal dogfighting. 

"Vick’s journey toward rehabilitation and redemption has not reflected any direct concern for the wellbeing of animals, and we’ve never heard him express a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed" ... the org. tells TMZ.

The ASPCA continues, "Rather than talk about the horrors and brutalities of dog fighting, Vick has instead chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught."

"Vick’s actions have been simply self-serving and not remotely expressing remorse. Because of this, the ASPCA has serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet guardian."

In other words, don't expect to see Vick at the next ASPCA adoption event.


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if this Org. and most of the people out there cared half as much about human beings as they do about dogs - all dogs would have a better home and be so much more loved. Think about it...

825 days ago


Listen, this is BS to the ten thousand power!!!!!!!! It's not right for MV or any human being to mistreat animals ok, but we honor it when we sit down to eat a hearty meal, we do not know how that animal was killed to fill OUR HUNGER PAINS!!!!! For the fools that think it's ok to abuse animals by having them fight other animals or whatever the hell their doing, you got too much $$ and too much time on your hands to end up looking like a fool by the ASPCA, they do not have sh$%t else to do but attack celebrities with this damn nonsense go attack everyday working class civilians who have animals as pets an let their pet go to the bathroom in font of your house or better yet, I dare them to go to Washington heights, or Brooklyn and raid all the fools with pit bulls killing people everyday!!!! ASPCA NEEDS TO WALK THE BEAT LIKE NYPD IN EVERY STATE, THERE ARE AND HAVE BEEN MV's every where are you kidding me! ENOUGH.......... The last I remember the ASPCA is supposed to be picking up strays and caring for all abused animals, NYC looks like a damn shanty town with all the loose animals walking around like it's animal kingdom out here give me a break.....

825 days ago


animal freaks: your passion is displaced. there are children in AMERICA being abused every day *Sandusky* (cough) *Zimmerman* (cough) and you want Vick to hang because of his mistreatment of animals? Fined yes, but hung GTHO! I guarantee you animal bums consume products that have been tested on animals inhumanely. Dogs who have never displayed any acts of violence kill young children. I love animals but in no way shape or form will I show more passion for them that I do human life. Only E-jutz support animals over humans. Vick's jail time was a waste of my hard earned taxpaying dollars.

825 days ago


Pet ownership is a privilege not a right .. he abused both the privilege and the pet .. good time for his kids, as well as himself, to learn the consequences of poor choices .. and how often poor choices can involve more than just the person that makes them ... No dog ever...

825 days ago

sheree kelly    


824 days ago

Steven Bailey    

If it were up to me, he'd still be doing time. But if you're a quarterback in the NFL, you get a free pass out of jail. It's not about forgiveness: somebody needs to become the voice for those who can't speak for themselves.

824 days ago


Im speaking for all the animals michael vick does not deserve a dog he hurt dogs and therefore should be forbidden for him to ever own a dog again this man has the odasity to want a dog after what he did no way let the people speak this man should be giving his money to animal shelters how vain is he wanting a dog he is a dirtbag those poor animals would be alive if he didnt do that so in my opioion this moron killed these animals he didnt get enough prision time I am a animal love and would be so mad if they let him have a pet

822 days ago


Do not let this man get another dog!!! Ever.. he's done it once he'll do it again.!!! Save the lives of these pets do not let criminals like him have another pet ever!

812 days ago


NO and NO. Once a bad man toward animals will always be a bad man. He could care less and how dare him use the excuse of his children wants one.. No and No....

810 days ago


**** off Vick you Bastard

809 days ago

Kathy Clevenger    

I am a Christian and try not to judge others but I hate you Michal Prick. . Ive seen those pictures of those poor dogs being tourtured and you would still be doing that if you hadnt got caught .Burn in hell

808 days ago


Give him a break , why because he’s a football player , suppose he wasn’t , I cant believe some of these people here , he paid his dues , he didn’t pay **** , he got a slap on the wrist now its business as usual .
For all you FANS go look at what that PRICK and his Bros did to those poor animals , Google his name and look at his handiwork , plenty of pictures and articles , I mean what the f#@k are you people out of you’re mind , HE’S A F#$%ING MONSTER he doesn’t deserve **** . America no morals its just about money , wonderful f#$%ing world we live in

807 days ago


What the f#@%K does all this bull**** about eating and dog fighting in the ghetto got to do with some dumb mother f@#$er torturing dogs , there's no f#$@ing excuse for what he did , and if he couldn't play ball he`d still be in the ghetto with the other ignorant mother f#$#ers torturing animals , that's why any urban center looks like a shanty town because there are ignorant *******s out there who got no f##$ing compassion , or brains , and I care a whole bunch more for any poor animal than one of those dumb ghetto motherf#$@ers who are the problem , F#$CK VICK and all the other *******s out there torturing animals , f#$@ing s***bags , and most of these gutter rats have a bunch of kids who are just great roll models for these kids , Its all f$$#@ing bull****

807 days ago


Ex con animal torturer , but he plays football so its alright , and I'm reading all this babble here , he paid his dues , and contributed to the world more than us haters , WHAT ARE YOU F#$KEN STUPID hes a S***BAG who got his kicks out of torturing helpless defenseless dogs , hes not sorry and just because he plays football f#$ken *******s like you say lets move on , the prick shouldn't be playing any f$%cking thing , and he shouldn't be making millions off his book and his clothing line , some fu#$ing country we live in where psychopaths are heroes because they play a game , its only a f#$king game it does not excuse him from all the sick **** hes done .

803 days ago


It's pretty obvious that he's not remorseful about the dogs. He was ordered to never own an animal again. The least he could do is accept his punishment and show some humility. The dogs that were rescued and rehabbed required the help of a lot of people with a lot of heart, and required a ton of resources. Are those people making millions of dollars a year? NOPE. But they're still cleaning up his mess. The fact that he'd even ask to own another dog- shows that he still doesn't get it.

750 days ago
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