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Michael Vick

Ripped By Animal Org. --

You STILL Don't Care About Dogs!

7/18/2012 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick doesn't really care about animals ... and should NOT be allowed to own another dog ... this according to the ASPCA.

After Vick went on CNN and told Piers Morgan he hopes to get a new puppy for his kids, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals immediately spoke out against the NFL star who spent 19 months in prison for illegal dogfighting. 

"Vick’s journey toward rehabilitation and redemption has not reflected any direct concern for the wellbeing of animals, and we’ve never heard him express a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed" ... the org. tells TMZ.

The ASPCA continues, "Rather than talk about the horrors and brutalities of dog fighting, Vick has instead chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught."

"Vick’s actions have been simply self-serving and not remotely expressing remorse. Because of this, the ASPCA has serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet guardian."

In other words, don't expect to see Vick at the next ASPCA adoption event.


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He's evil. I wouldn't let him around my goldfish.

830 days ago


Vick needs to be beat,burned,cut up and buried,.

830 days ago



830 days ago


treats his dogs better then his woman

830 days ago


Why won't these people get a life and a hobby? Leave the guy alone, Vick gets scrutinized for having a dog fighting ring, but Roethlisberger walks freely knowing he's raped someone. That's America for ya.

830 days ago


The ASPCA is right. He doesn't act like he's sorry for what he did to the dogs. He has only ever acted sorry for being caught. He's just horrible.

830 days ago


This man is horrendous. I'm surprised that the courts would even allow him to be around his kids. He's not sorry for abusing those poor dogs he's sorry for getting caught. This man will rot in hell!! I don't feel sorry for him at all. I would like to take Vick and put him in a ring with someone that would beat his ass, then take him out to rest up and do it all over again for weeks. Then break all his fingers, rip out his fingernails one by one. Then let someone go back to beatin his ass again. No medical attention or end in sight. He should die a slow and very painful death!!

830 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

I'm pretty sure the only thing a dog killer like Vick is interested in is his own fame and fortune. Unfortunately the average American's attention span is so short he was let back into the NFL and got a big endorsement deal from Nike. For those commenting on the story about Ed Helm boycotting Chik-Fil-A for their anti gay stance how about boycotting Nike for hiring an ex con that tortures animals.

Also why wasn't there a stip in his conviction that doesn't allow him to own any pets ever again in the United States?

830 days ago


How can you judgemental people speak on who can have what? He has paid his debt to society and has probably contributed more to the world than any of you naysayers. What's in your closet. Do you hold yourself, family, and friends so highly accountable when they make mistakes and do harm? Find something else to do.

830 days ago


Fact of the matter is he's legally allowed to have a dog as of current. There's nothing anyone can do to stop him. He paid his dues. If he wants a dog, he should get a dog.

830 days ago


He should be put in a pen w a bunch of pitbulls and have his ASS CHEWED BY THEM!!!!

830 days ago


He's a douche bag!! I wouldnt let him pet my dog much less let him adopt one...i'd like to set a small patch of his ass on fire and watch him run...

830 days ago


Hey, the man has been made aware that dog fighting is not politically correct and illegal. He lost his freedom for a time and almost lost his career. Could you give the man a break already?

830 days ago


You over the top animal lovers who refuse to let this go are SICK! You will not say a child molester who has been to jail, should be legally sterilized, or that a rapist who has paid their dues, should be castrated - and goodness gracious - don't even mention capital punishment for the murderers...but kill a dog and you want worse - you want torture and poverty and legal sanctions that you refuse to require for those who do far more harm to human beings. You are the ones who are sick and twisted.

830 days ago


How many dogs are killed and tortured by cosmetics and pharmaceutical testing? Let the guy have a dog. Who cares? It's just dogs. Dogs are food in some countries. He should not have gone to jail at all. The dogs were his property, he should have been able to do as he pleased with them.

830 days ago
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