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Michael Vick


a New Dog

7/18/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL star Michael Vick wants to own a dog again -- and five years after his conviction for illegal dog fighting, he can legally get one -- but the question is ... should he?

The Philadelphia Eagles QB was on Piers Morgan's show last night, and said he would like to get a dog for his kids.

After Vick served 19 months in federal prison ... he was banned from owning dogs for 3 years. That ban is about to expire, and Vick thinks having a dog could be "therapeutic" ... for his children. He told Piers, "I can't take that dream away from them. That's selfish on my behalf."

One positive? Vick says he won't let his kids get a pit bull.

Still, we gotta ask ...

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To whomever is in charge....could you PLEASE update the voting poll to show its current/accurate status? 327,144 people have now signed and it is still showing the same percentage (80% Yes, 20% No) since the beginning...and we know this is NOT correct. Thank You

807 days ago


Everybody forgets that Mike only did time for the least serious of the felonies: the organization of the dog fights. But he also, personally, of sound mind, abused and tortured the dogs he owned: electrocuting them in the swimming pool, slamming them against the ground like a skipping rope. So NO, he has NOT payed for his sins, and he must NEVER EVER have a dog again. His kids have the right to know what daddy used to do to his sweet little doggies, then we'll see if they would trust him with their own little pooches...

806 days ago

Christina Henderson    

If were going to continue to hand over pets to guys like Michael Vick,then what is the point of fighting for them,i don't want hear about another dog being abused by this man or any other...

805 days ago


Thank you I guess, at least the poll as moved; Fair, he's changed 83%...A horrible idea 17%...Total Votes: 428,792
BUT this poll has to be a joke!! Where are all these people that believe he has earned the right to own another pet? If this a true indication of the feelings of the public, then it just shows how little the human race values the life of animals.

805 days ago


Why doesn't he financially support the dogs that were taken from him and now need to be in the care of rescues because they can never be adopted?????

801 days ago

American. Angie    

Who the hell was voting on here? I know that many people don't believe he should get a dog, and if they do, what does that say about our country!!!

801 days ago


What I dont understand is all these negative comments yet the pole still shows that the majority are ok with this guy having another dog. He has not changed, he does not care, and the only reason he stopped doing what he was doing was because he was caught.
His kids "might" deserve a dog but his kids dont deserve him as a father. His actions will have forever shaped how his children view animals. Who's to say the kids wont treat the new dog badly because "that's how daddy treats them"?
The fact that the NFL took him back just told the world that they agree with and encourage animal cruelty. Anyone else in the world trying to get a job with that type of record would be looked over due to questionable character.
It is absolutely sickening that he is even allowed to think about having another pet in his care.

799 days ago


He shouldn`t be allowed to have dogs or kids. What kind of woman would lay down with that dirtbag and then want his demon kids. He is a devil and will never change!!!

798 days ago

Sarah Watson    

Why in the world would he only be banned from owning a pet for 3 years??? EPIC FAIL...what a bunch of fools! OMG, I cannot believe this man could soon have another dog in his death grip.

797 days ago


Leopards DO NOT change their spots!

765 days ago


You should never be allowed to have a dog and you should also explain to your kids why. You evil person. Who does that to a dog let alone multiple dogs. May I remind you many dogs died under your care and now you want one. Sick pig.

752 days ago


If we see you with a dog we will report you. Regardless.....

752 days ago

eilish palmer    

According to testimony in his trial-

The witness saw Vick put the dogs that belonged to his daughters in the ring. “He thought is was funny to watch…pit bulls injure or kill these dogs.”

HE killed his kids pets and then whines that that they deserve to have a dog. Kids deserve to have fathers that don't throw their pets into a ring to be torn apart by fighting dogs. So if they get a new dog, it should be accompanied by a new Dad....

744 days ago


Oh yeah, and I think all pedaphiles that did time should become teachers and babysitters.

741 days ago


He hasn't changed. He should never be allowed to have any pet. Pit bulls weren't the only dogs he killed, maimed and abused. What about the dogs used for baiting. This is outrageous. I have no sympathy for his kids or the woman/women who would sleep with such a creature as him. It makes me sick.

597 days ago
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