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Matthew Modine

Chill Out, 'Dark Knight' Fans

7/18/2012 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


"The Dark Knight Rises" fans are losing their minds -- attacking critics and shutting down websites that say anything negative about the flick -- so we got one of stars, Matthew Modine, to weigh in on the craze ... and talk more smack about that other superhero movie.

Plus, new details about Sage's Stallone's death -- what was in 60 oversized pill bottles found in his bedroom ... and what Sylvester Stallone's doing to investigate.

Also, TWO Kardashians on the new Forbes list of highest paid TV "actresses??" Yes ... actresses. Tina Fey's gotta be PISSED!!


(0:00) Shocking new development in the death of Sylvester Stallone's son Sage -- we're told cops found bags of white powder at the scene.
(5:40) Tom Cruise spends the day with Suri -- and takes her for a ride in their usual transport vehicle ... a helicopter.
(9:50) Halle Berry suffers another injury on a movie set -- and Harvey backs himself into a corner when he asks if she's too old to be doing her own stunts.
(13:30) Michael Jackson's former doctor/friend Arnie Klein is being forced to take a psychological exam ... or he could lose his medical license.
(19:35) 3-time Olympic gold medalist Angelo Taylor calls in -- he thinks the Olympian who's with prothetic legs running in this year's games has an unfair advantage.
(23:44) We have proof that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are definitely getting married! Okay maybe not ... but if he was ever going to pop the question ... we think she's the closest he'll ever come.
(27:00) "The Dark Knight Rises" mania is at a boiling point -- one of the movie's stars Matthew Modine calls in to talk about being in one of the biggest movie ever.
(35:40) Sad world -- most of the highest paid "actresses" are now reality stars. Sigh.
(37:50) Anthony Wiener -- a real possibility for mayor of NYC?
(42:10) We take your calls!

No Avatar


Arnie should call tom.

825 days ago


Halle who?? oh Halle the to old has been how could i forget? easy.

825 days ago


Beckerman looks like a panhandler.

825 days ago

Flying Blind    

also the runner can change the spring rate and run as fast as he can balance. now if the other runners can use a powered back-pack, now we got something.

825 days ago


Hahahahaha !!! What you filmed TMZ
You just might have filmed the back of
my head... Ridicule :D

825 days ago


No, Weiner will never be elected.

825 days ago


Harvey can you tell Ryan to take a shower and wash his nasty hair? UGH!

825 days ago


halle who ?/???? oh Halle has been sorry

825 days ago


Rocky s son was doing & selling those pills & those pills were prob stolen in the 1st plc Not fm a Dr Not sure how ur online pills r sold in the USA So i doubt it thats how he got them He bought them fm somebody 4 cheap & was doing & moving them Rocky is just looking 4 away 2 pin it on others & drag a bunch of other ppl down When he shd just except that his son had a prob & it caught up 2 him with his death Rocky shd have done somethg about it when he was still living The Nile is a river !!!!!!!!!!!!

824 days ago


Kardashians are NOT actresses. They're personalities. And it's a slap in the face to real actors who study their craft and work endless hours on their artform.

824 days ago


Check out my homie Brent Hunter first mixtape

824 days ago

Bill Andrews    

Dark night movie drama, it's just a movie, Lets go ask Fred Willard what he thinks ? ( It will be ok, just don't send him in with a bag of Cheetos. )

824 days ago


Re: Michael Vick - I'm not sure he should be allowed to have his kids.....let alone now wanting a dog for his son. And to your employee who commented "he lost his career" He by all rights should never have been allowed back into football & able to go back and make the money and fame he had & got back. I agree with the statement "wired wrong"

824 days ago
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