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Fred Willard

'It Didn't Happen'

7/19/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

071912_fred_williard_npg_launchFred Willard says his lewd conduct arrest at an adult movie theater last night was a "big misunderstanding" and says flat out, "It didn't happen."

The photog got Fred coming and going from his lawyer's office this afternoon.  On Fred's way in, the cameraman dared to ask about Fred's upcoming movie, "The Yank."

On his way out, Fred, with his wife by his side, said he and the cops have "a difference of opinion."  He also says "a strange situation" led him to the theater, but says, "It's all being straightened out."


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buzz kill    

A strange situation led him into the theater, what would that be? It must have been a stiffy, he got it all staightened out once he dropped his shorts and freed Wily. :-)

764 days ago


Fred tells Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview tonight, "While I was sitting in the theatre, I was cleaning my penis really fast with one hand, and it accidentally went off...."

It could have happened that way.

764 days ago


Don't the cops have anything better to do than to come down old guys in adult theaters? What a friggin waste of money and manpower. Give me a break.

764 days ago


Wow, Fred, don't insult our intelligence. You are lying your arse off now.

764 days ago


i wonder if his lawyer will get him off... (sorry)

764 days ago


Who cares whether or not he had himself exposed and/or was masturbating? That is a big given in those small, sleazy adult theaters. A high percentage of people going in there are doing that at some time or another. Oh, big surprise. The real shame is in what he was doing in there to begin with. Explain that. I don't care what anyone says. A decent, full grown adult man doesn't go there. Not unless you are some 20 something year old goofing around with your friends. Otherwise, you are probably a pervert. But that's OK. Perverts can get forgiveness and redemption also. I guess it is easy to say "keep the porn at home". But it is not as illicit and exciting that way. Again, perversion. But the best of luck to him. Even very good people can be very flawed and make mistakes. Just own up to it. I know it is embarrassing, but you will feel a lot better if you do.

764 days ago


Why didnt Fred just buy SWANK magazine and a large tub of margarine? Now it is this huge debacle and his summer is ruined.....all because he wanted to wax the dolphin. Have you no shame Sir? You are in my prayers you damn heathen.

764 days ago


Funwood 2Nite!!!

764 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

When are old people gonna figure out technology and just use the internet like everybody else?

That said, who cares? Whacking's awesome.

764 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Fred, get on saturday night live, or another high profile show... fast... play this up like Alec Baldwin would.

764 days ago


WHO CARES???!!! Did he kill or hurt anyone? Let him be.

764 days ago


Justin B. is driving at 100 mph & he is not even arrested. Something is wrong with this picture. Fred needs help because it could happen in front of a grammar school next.

764 days ago


NEWS UPDATE: Fred Willard explains the situation was all a misunderstanding. It seems he had on a diamond ring he couldn't remove and heard the theater was the best place "to get your rocks off."

Asked why his pants were down around his ankles, Willard explains, "It was a cxck ring."

764 days ago


Well, he is from Shaker Heights, ya know...

764 days ago


Masturbating is good for you.
Damn cops.

764 days ago
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