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Fred Willard

Masturbation Law

Won't Stick

7/20/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alleged weenie wacker Fred Willard may NOT have broken the lewd conduct law ... even if he DID masturbate in an adult movie theater.

Here's the long and short of it -- In California, it's not automatically illegal to masturbate in a public place like a movie theater ... it's ONLY illegal if the act occurs within eye-shot of people who "might be offended."  That's the law, folks.

So how does Willard beat the rap? Allow us to make the argument.

Willard's alleged act occurred in a XXX theater, notorious for showing hardcore porno films to patrons who show up to get off.

There were 4 other movie-goers in the house when cops busted Willard -- 4 patrons in a dark, dank theater doing God knows what.  It's a safe bet they weren't particularly offended.  And if they say they were, good luck to them on cross examination.

So Willard had NO REASON to believe anyone there would get their nose out of joint by a little self knob-polishing ... therefore, the lewd conduct law doesn't apply to him.  NOT GUILTY.

Willard's attorney, Paul Takakjian, has already gone on record, saying the 78-year-old actor "did nothing in any violation of any law" ... and he may be right.



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What were the cops doing in the porn theater? Who called them? They might've been in there doing the same thing.

828 days ago


I sure hope I still feel like a little fap or two at age 78.

828 days ago


Good for him, seems like he can at least still get it up at his age. A lot of much younger men then him can't even say that. Here's wankin at you Fred.

828 days ago


Good for him, seems like he can at least still get it up at his age. A lot of much younger men then him can't even say that. Here's wankin at you Fred.

828 days ago


I'll bet the cops just love strolling around in there, what did they expect to see. Don't go in at all if you aren't called. I'm sure they are more pressing business for the cops to do

828 days ago


WIllard has a new movie on its way out called "The Yank." No joke. It's for publicity! A big yawn goes out to Willard.

828 days ago


Funny, you talk about coincidences. Chef Ramsay just cracked a big joke this past week on Master Chef: "This is Master Chef, not Master Bate!" har har, hardy har har. It's all relative.

828 days ago


I used to love him...but this is so disgusting....I'd never be able to look at him with out think ewwwww what a pervert!!!! Too bad. What's wrong with these hollywood freaks...all of them are freaks....

828 days ago


What if someone got up to get popcorn and caught a glimpse of what he was doing? Anyone could have been offended by his extreme abnormal perversion.

828 days ago


I have to say that he did nothing wrong. He was in an ADULT MOVIE THEATER!!! No kids were around. He was just busting his nut!!! lay off the guy already!!! The real reason everyone is mad is because he is an actor and famous! GROW UP AMERICA!!!

828 days ago


lol, cops hanging around in a porno theatre,( while 80 people are getting shot in another movie house,,,lol these cops should be fired. stay out of my pants,50 -
another reason people HATE,never around when we NEED you. just when we dont,lol -

828 days ago


Paradoxal America ^^

827 days ago


I am just amazed the guy was 78 and still interested in this sort of thing. Nice libido, if poor judgment.

827 days ago


First of all those theatres should be shut down. Second of all, Fred, please stay at home and do that. BUT here's my question...the place had 4 people in it. He was disgusting but not bothering anyone. Why publicly embarrass him? And then publicize this so he loses a job. Aren't there other crimes in L.A. that police should be concerned with? Not saying I agree with him masturbating in a public place, but c'mon....a little common sense should prevail here.

827 days ago


Stop jerking us off! U know u were spankin' it now; fess up your just a sick ole' bastard!

824 days ago
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