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Fred Willard ...

Fired Too Soon?

7/19/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Fred Willard says he wasn't doing anything wrong in that porn theater -- problem is ... PBS already 86'd him. Did they jump the gun ... and is this kind of arrest a waste of time and money? We have some answers that might surprise you.

Plus, there's NO WAY Michael Vick should be allowed to own a dog again! That's what the ASPCA ... and a lot of other people think about the news Vick wants to get a puppy for his kids.

Also, Taylor Armstrong drops by to explain why being trapped on a boat with hundreds of 'Real Housewives' fans is actually a good thing. If she says so ...

(0:00) Fred Willard was arrested for allegedly pleasuring himself in a XXX movie theater -- and as one poignant caller put it ... what else are you supposed to do in those places?
(8:40) New developments surrounding Sage Stallone's death -- cops are wondering if he was a drug dealer due the massive amount of pills found at his place.
(10:20) Michael Vick says he'd love to get his kids a dog -- Harvey doesn't think Vick should get near another dog for the rest of his life.
(19:00) Taylor Armstrong from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" drops by to talk about her new cruise.
(22:35) Yahoo!'s main lady Marrisa Mayer says she's gonna be working from home after giving birth -- and women are up in arms at her for not setting the right example ... by taking 12 weeks off.
(31:00) Katie Lee Gifford disses Aretha Franklin -- by saying she'd be a bad judge on "Idol" because young people don't know who she is. Aretha's rebuttal rubs Harvey and Charles the wrong way.
(34:00) Kim Kardashian tosses up a sex tape softball -- and Ray J knocks it out of the park.
(35:40) George Zimmerman says he wouldn't change a thing about the night he killed Trayvon Martin ... because it's all a part of "God's plan." Oh boy.
(38:50) Chick-Fil-A hates gay people -- but now they're just doing to do it in secret.
(42:10) We take your calls!

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829 days ago


Is that his wife in the video walking into the attorney's office and driving the car when he leaves? If so no wonder poor guy didn't go home!

829 days ago


Man, TMZ! All of the software changes are really bogging down and making the site glitchy.
I also see now that you've got so many direct connections to Facebook and other social media sites that the like/hate counts for user comments here, and the number of good and considered comments from people rather than troll comments, have really declined. People are using those sites and not this one to read and comment on YOUR stories, It is something you need to think about.

829 days ago


If Fred Willard gets jail time for jerking off, I should get the electric chair!

828 days ago

charles barkley    

But it's OK for Charles Barkley to get caught seeking a BJ from a prostitute while drunk. He got to keep his job and even got an endorsement from Weight Watchers.

828 days ago

Gladys Eades    

Fred Willard is great but here are a few things to consider: He is 79 years old, graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1955. In 2004 he won a TV game show, "Test the Nation II, National IQ Test". His IQ tested higher than Ben Stein's and the other "smart" celebrities. So he probably did nothing wrong, but his family and friends might consider taking him to a neurologist and testing his cognition at this point.

828 days ago


Who let this guy in the theater exit door they can only be acessed through the inside of the door?

828 days ago
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