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'Batman' Massacre

1st Photo of Shooter

James Holmes

7/20/2012 11:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/20/2012 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes Myspace photo

Holmes also posted a picture of himself on his MySpace page (above). Holmes had no friends besides the MySpace founder Tom, who was automatically added as a friend to anyone who signed up for an account.



Here is the first photo of "Dark Knight" theater shooter James Holmes ... released by the University of Colorado, where he attended the School of Medicine. also obtained a photo of Holmes, which appears to have been taken several years ago.

Holmes grew up in San Diego.

Batman Shooter: James Holmes


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why is it always a white guy who massacres boat load of people?

791 days ago


The guy just has a crazy look in his eyes.

I don't care what problems he had growing up, or in his current life. There is NO excuse for slaughtering innocent people. Why couldn't he have just shot himself in the head and saved everyone the grief? Did he think he was going to go out in a blaze of glory or something? There wont be anything glorious about it when he's getting raped/beaten in prison.

791 days ago


Grin of a devil you're lookin at people. Burn in flames you piece of S%#!!!

791 days ago


Of course dude was white.

791 days ago


I don't know if there is a word that exists that can discribe what a :bleep: he is.

791 days ago


Why isn't he called a TERRORIST but a murderer?

791 days ago


He has the face of the devil.

791 days ago


Never trust a dude with long sideburns

791 days ago


There is something sick about a killer, but there is something above and beyond sinister about someone who can kill a child.

791 days ago


Did this guy listen to Marilyn Manson?

791 days ago


I hope this totally worthless, murdering, piece of **** doesn't get of on an insanity plea. May he burn in hell for all eternity.

791 days ago


another over medicated junkie...i wish he had killed himself before doing this....the world has gone to $#!t

791 days ago


Wow, a PhD candidate too. Another sad day for our country. Too many guns, too much violence, too much hate. Time to reflect on how sick our society is. Enough with the hate filled rhetoric. So tired of this crap. America the Brave and Free, what happened to us?

791 days ago


A girl who was a Fox local news intern was confirmed dead. Her friend/boyfriends dad was jsut on the phonme live onFox and said his son said when shooting statrted they hit the floor and seperated, hte boy said she screamed she had been hit and he got back to her and half of her face was shot off and he knew he could not do anything for her...SO scary!

Here is her picture and friend whose dad tild the story of her face:

Also, ABC news rushed to say that the shooter might be a TEA Party member as they rushed to judgement wioth no facts. They pulled a facebook page of the shooters name(a fifty yr old, not even the right age). B reit bart news points this out and then goes on to find the Right information based on published reports on the facts.

here is the story:

Unbelievable how the m ain n stream media wants to put this on Consevatives.

Turns out he MIGHT be a registered Democrat...MIGHT be.

Soon everyone will be calling for guns to be banned.

The shooter is not a registered hunter or such.

If someone in the audience had a gun on them...they could have taken this crazy guy out...that is the truth!

791 days ago


TMZ stick to your third rate unimportant news like your used to! This is far more important to share the same screen as what Kim K. was wearing last night, Lindsey L. crashed her car AGAIN, or the Octo mom!

791 days ago
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