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'Batman' Massacre

1st Photo of Shooter

James Holmes

7/20/2012 11:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/20/2012 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes Myspace photo

Holmes also posted a picture of himself on his MySpace page (above). Holmes had no friends besides the MySpace founder Tom, who was automatically added as a friend to anyone who signed up for an account.



Here is the first photo of "Dark Knight" theater shooter James Holmes ... released by the University of Colorado, where he attended the School of Medicine. also obtained a photo of Holmes, which appears to have been taken several years ago.

Holmes grew up in San Diego.

Batman Shooter: James Holmes


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Batman Movies ave adsome bad luck - the deat of Heath Ledger before the last one was released. At least this guy did not get a chance to off himself and will have to face the world because of what he did here. I am also sick of the media- I live in Colorado and I turned on the news at 4 AM, and it is still being run non stop on 3 channels. It has become redundant and it is no wonder people keep doing this because the media certainly gives these things way too much press!

823 days ago


Funny how people can clearly see this guy is a psychopath from his dead eyes and feigned smile, yet people can not see the dead soulless eyes of George Zimmerman. They literally have the same eyes, only difference is Zimmerman hasn't shown us the feigned smile yet.

823 days ago


@MISSA - We all know that every race has it's fair share of murderers. I was just making a very valid point that (In America especially) had it been a Mexican or better yet, a black dude that walked into a cinema and shot 60 people, killing 15 of them, this comment section would be filled to the rafters with racist comments. I just wondered why the racists never have anything to say when a White person is behind the shootings? And for the record lets be totally honest. When it comes to mass shootings in schools, malls or other places, it's usually a White guy behind it. I knew before I saw the picture I would see a White American face. Don't ask me why, I just knew. No Mexican goes into a cinema in America and shoots 60 people down. Just no.

823 days ago


Really? Just remember all you RACIST on this site, killers come in all colors, evil does not care what color you are!

823 days ago


@TheMachine - Not nearly as frequently as it happens in America. not even close. And even when there is a chool shooting in Europe (the rare occasion that does happen) who many kids die? Are the shootings on the level of Columbine? Where kids are getting dropped off in double digits? I mean c'mon man. This dude just walked into a cinema and shot 60 ****ing people. There's a major problem in with guns in America and the moment Americans stand up to the issue and stop selling guns to any Tom, Dick and Harry that with money in his pocket the better. I mean half of these kids that shoot up their schools only have to go into their dads cabinet and choose which weapon he wants. How ****ed up is that?

823 days ago


@PV SILVER I am so sick of the trite and inaccurate phrase "guns don't kill people kill" to excuse not doing something about guns! People cannot shoot and kill someone without a gun in their hand, so, guns are as much responsible as people!

823 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

He's Got HORNS on his head.

823 days ago


So, this guy didn't have a problem killing a lot of innocent people, but obviously had a problem with turning the gun on himself.

I wonder if he chickened out, ran out of ammo or just wanted to spend the rest of his life on death row?

823 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

Y So Serious ?

823 days ago


Always crazy people mixing reality with movies *** I was planning to watch that movie in couple of weeks from now but at this point, I'll wait for the DVD ;-)

823 days ago


Guarantee you that mommy and daddy knew this kid was a nutcase.

823 days ago


Now watch and see how rapidly this turns into a racial smack down.......!! IT's already started...!! and YOu know what its stupid thats what..!!!
A Killer is a killer no matter what dam color he is........does it make you somehow free more superior that is was a white male instead of doesn't !!!!
Does it change the fact that on every news cast in the evening you have a average of three to four storys of black men shooting and killing someone usually another black man to one white man shotting that averages out to about 15 people a week being killed.... Does this proof anything .....Hell no..! it just shows for every time you crow your "white man" **** a doodle" someone can crow just as loud....
I don't give a crap what color this man is ....he could be purple for all it matters ...He would still be a souless killer no pardon me but its your turn to STFU !!!

823 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Firstly, my profound prayers, and condolences, for the survivors, families, friends, loved-ones, and all those affected by this act of pure Evil.

Secondly, With The True and Living Yahweh, as My Witness: The House of David shall hold an actual Confederacy of Evil ("Corporate America", their well-placed and well-funded Politicians, along with the subservient Print/Broadcast "Media") WHOLLY responsible for the epidemic of Death and Devastation that has punished our once Godly-blessed nation for OVER A DECADE.

Finally, from the craftily-planted and well-nourished seeds of Corruption, Injustice, and Immorality, thrives a sinister and brutal harvest.
A heinous crop sown by, Persecution and Oppression.

823 days ago


I hope he burns in hell for the 4 year old he killed.

823 days ago


823 days ago
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