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'Batman' Massacre

1st Photo of Shooter

James Holmes

7/20/2012 11:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/20/2012 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes Myspace photo

Holmes also posted a picture of himself on his MySpace page (above). Holmes had no friends besides the MySpace founder Tom, who was automatically added as a friend to anyone who signed up for an account.



Here is the first photo of "Dark Knight" theater shooter James Holmes ... released by the University of Colorado, where he attended the School of Medicine. also obtained a photo of Holmes, which appears to have been taken several years ago.

Holmes grew up in San Diego.

Batman Shooter: James Holmes


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I mean where the hell does these people get all their guns from? These people that run into schools shooting people are always armed with imagine guns, pistols, smoke grenades and all sorts of other artillery. Why on Earth would you sell AK47's & Shotguns over the counter like they are hot cakes? No wonder these mass shooting happen so often. It seems as if anyone old lunatic can get his hand on a gun in America...

791 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Toasters don't toast bread, people toast bread.

791 days ago


Batman shooter James Holmes is a registered Democrat

So does that mean democrats should not have guns?
George Stephanopoulos lied to say he was a teaparty person.
What they also do not say it that its a gun free zone which means if you follow the law you can not carry a gun to defend yourself against people that do not follow the law. People seem to miss that irony.

791 days ago


Dead Eyes!

791 days ago


Sick twisted individual. i'm going to print out his mug shot and throw darts at it!

791 days ago

Florida Guy    

All these people calling for gun control are wrong. Gun Control bans guns from movie theaters. The sign on the door telling people they can not bring their concealed weapon because they would be breaking the law only keeps honest people unarmed. If we allowed citizens with permits to carry everywhere then it would be less likely things like this would happen. He knew no one would be armed and there would be lots of people. It was open season on innocent lives.

791 days ago


Fellow readers- what is happening to America? A country that was once blessed by God? If you believe in prayer, please pray for this country ~

791 days ago


yes lets just ban all guns. while we're at it, lets ban all PhD programs too. Those stats courses are just killer

791 days ago


This guy looks like he's been a lunatic from the get go. There's something about his eyes that make me cringe. I just want to pluck them out with a fork or something, just to make him suffer. I hate when murderers/pedophiles smile for their mugshot.

791 days ago


Looks like he may have been a victim of bullying and now lashed out. That's society.

791 days ago


This is EXTREMELY sad I prayed for the families and for this young man that had a promising future as a doctor what happened to make him commit this HORRIBLE crime? It really hit home I have a son that is 19 years old that has completed his second year of college and has completed his first year of a medical program at the university.

791 days ago


People com.plain about Texas having the death penalty but this guy is why! I could care less if he was abused, bullied, from a broken home- Killing innocent people is just plain wrong. Even if his lawyers say he is crazy he knew what he was doing was wrong

791 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@TJ: As much as I can appreciate your honest sentiment, thanks to the robed-bastards, political-appointees known as the U.S. "Supreme" Court,
this Divinely-inspired nation, -not unlike the
student-victims at Columbine- DOESN'T HAVE A PRAYER.


791 days ago

wow ew    

What went wrong?
Why would he do this?
It's bad enough when a person kills 1 other person let alone 12.

He had a bright future as a doctor and then he turns around and plans something like this out.... Why?
Is medical school that bad?

And evil has no color. Black people have done just as bad as whites or asians and other races. There's living proof of that all the time. People like this make George Zimmerman and Kaycee Anthony look like angelic so to speak. Hm.

791 days ago


How can America be saved? Inept government, staggering economy, despicable overpriced health care, drug addiction, VIOLENCE! God help us people! Look to the future-something has to be done
to resue the American people.

791 days ago
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