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James Holmes


Non-Violent Video Game

7/20/2012 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes liked Guitar Hero
The man who slaughtered a dozen people and wounded 59 was obsessed with a video game that was anything but violent ... Guitar Hero.

We've learned ... one of James Holmes' classmates at the University of California at Riverside played Guitar Hero with the shooter all the time, and "for hours."

The male student is telling friends he is "shocked," never having had a clue that Holmes had a propensity for violence.

It's an interesting side note, because people with violent tendencies often act them out in various ways, and video games are definitely an outlet.

Another classmate of Holmes tells TMZ Holmes was never a trouble-maker.  The two of them were in virtually every class together yet he was so quiet she hardly noticed him.


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TV Gord    

With due respect for the person who said he looks creepy, what's chilling to me is how NOT creepy he looks. He doesn't look like someone you'd expect to snap.

And it's a waste of time to those who try to blame Guitar Hero or Call of Duty or his possible love of My Little Pony. Crazy is crazy. Crazy people find reasons to be crazy in The Bible! He's just crazy. He could just as easily found something to trigger his craziness in the latest issue of Family Circle Magazine. Let's try to focus.

825 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

His eyes aren't looking quite parallel/straight ahead.
That's what gives him a slightly creepy look.
I say we round up anyone that looks anything
even remotely like him.

825 days ago



825 days ago


Jesus Christ how is this relevant to anything? Who gives a **** if he was obsessed with guitar hero how the **** is this news? Oh wait this is tmz who floods it's front page with with most useless and retarded information ever. I think it's time I start reading real news instead of this petty retarded crap

825 days ago


Whatever happened did so right before he left med school. This has nothing to do with what games he plays.

825 days ago


He just looks scary and creepy. Look at his eyes!

825 days ago


So what story to tell and that the enemy can be anywhere? The death is where you least imagine ... Will and more or less so? May God comfort the hearts of the relatives of such persons @tropelaella

825 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

Coming up next, the Dark Knight Shooter
and the Fred Willard penis connection.

825 days ago


A wise older man once told me to always watch out for the quiet people, because those are the people who tend to have very deep and often unexpressed feelings. People so quiet they are "hardly noticed" by others are not necessarily harmless.

825 days ago


While my comment may not apply here (if this guy was either covered by his father's insurance policy or had one of his own), but the point I want to make is that many people suffer from depression and other mental illnesses, and become suicidal or homicidal, or become neither of those things, but are nevertheless not as productive as they could be. Often they don't go for help because once that diagnosis is made, it is very hard to ever get a private health insurance plan again. They are forevermore dependent upon an employer who might not be someone they want to work for but will offer them a group plan that is their only hope of being insured. Or they are forced onto a horrible HMO. No matter how otherwise healthy such a person is, insurance companies are afraid that person may try to harm himself, survive it, and the company will have to pay the medical bills. Some companies even turn down people who have only gone for marriage counseling, considering that to even be a "pre-existing mental condition." Obama's health care reform will put a stop to all of that, as of 2014, when no company will be able to turn down an applicant. And if the insurance rate is too high, that person can opt into the insurance exchange if they so choose, which will be established by 2014 and be a large pool offering a wide variety of private plans to choose from. The rates will be low because with everybody paying in, the risk is spread out. I think that will put an end to many of the untreated mental conditions we see today, because people will no longer have to worry about never being able to qualify for medical insurance again. Even if insurance only covers a minimal amount of out-patient treatment, the cost is more in the medicine required anyway, and those meds would be covered by insurance. They can run at least $500 per month otherwise. Even now, in California, where Gov. Brown has opted into the temporary provision Obama has offered, whereby the state now has a provision for people with pre-existing conditions pending the insurance exchange creation in 2014, the rate for such people has just dropped to about a third of what it would otherwise be for coverage (if one could even get covered). But now under that plan it is guaranteed.

825 days ago


OK this is getting a little weird now.

825 days ago


I blame bath salts

825 days ago

JEWremy LIN     

he probaly went to PEnn state

825 days ago

Madam Obvious    

It's always the quiet, unassuming ones you need to watch out for. Still waters run very deep.

825 days ago


Now they will have to re-edit the movie Gangster Squad cos there's a pivotal scene in it where they have a shootout in a movie theatre.

825 days ago
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