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James Holmes

Portrait of the 'Batman' Shooter

7/20/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


James Holmes breaks the mold on shooting spree suspects -- and our extensive research on the "Dark Knight Rises" gunman proves it. We'll tell you what we've uncovered about his college days, his relationship with neighbors, and the elaborate booby trap in his apartment.

Plus, 2 survivors from the Colorado movie theater call in to tell their chilling accounts of the shooting, and the chaos they witnessed as Holmes opened fire.

Also ... will YOU go to the movies this weekend? That's the question millions of people are facing -- and we've got everyone voicing their opinion.

(0:00) Tragedy strikes Colorado again -- we have all the latest details on the "Dark Knight Rises" shooting.
(2:30) You have to hear this -- a man who in the second row of the movie theater when James Holmes burst in and starting shooting calls in. His story in unbelievable.
(8:30) Another survivor -- and former soldier -- of the tragedy calls in -- he talks about how bullets ripped through the walls of the adjacent theater, and how he helped the wounded as they escaped the complex.
(14:30) James Holmes backstory doesn't fit the usual criteria for a mass murderer.
(17:00) James clearly planned this out -- because he booby-trapped his apartment with explosives.
(22:00) Warner Brothers cancelled the Paris premiere of the movie -- and has been pretty quiet about the tragedy so far.
(23:00) Has the shooting made people scared to go to the movies? We let our viewers answer this one.
(28:00) James used a bunch of powerful weapons -- including a assault rifle called an AR15 ... and it packs a serious punch.
(32:50) Tyler saw the movie last night -- and sees more of a connection between James and The Joker than Bane.
(36:00) Changing pace for a minute -- Fred Willard has a legal loophole that could help him escape a conviction for his lewd conduct arrest.
(40:20) We take your calls!

No Avatar


sad but ur enemies live among u

794 days ago


This is a horrible thing that happen ,but lets not put this on Batman . Please play down the Batman angle , it has nothing to do with it. Just is were he was when he went over the edge.

794 days ago


If just one person at the movies had had a gun, lives could have been saved. Don't assume because someone has a gun, they don't know how to use it. We see what security run amok can do after 9/11. This will be used as 9/11 was; no doubt!

794 days ago


How about a nice public hanging for him? and televise it PPV and give the money to the victims' families.

794 days ago


u can c it in his face that somethg is not right in his head

794 days ago


Great coverage on the unfortunate event.

794 days ago


appreciate the way you covered this...

794 days ago

Jason is automatically posting the most shared videos on everything coming out in the investigation right now.

794 days ago

Mr. Orale    

Take it back a knotch....The investigation process will take forever. There has to be a reason why he was in Colorado while studying in SD for a PhD. Joker was merciless but never had a point unless he was after someone. This kid played by the Joker character by the book. He is after something or someone. In my own opinion,I believe that this guy might have been influenced by someone other than the character(joker) itself.

794 days ago

janis Bunting    

I have been to the movies and a gun drop on the floor next to me. I got up and left. Maybe people should not be allowed to bring guns to movies.

794 days ago

LilAaron if the guy thinks hes the joker maybe this will help clear things up

794 days ago

shawn sterling    

Did anyone think to ask this coward why he did not grab his leg as he ran by him and take him so he could save some lives down before he ran out the door like a *****?

794 days ago


Harvey you do celebrity gossip stick with that. There should have been no TMZ live today.

794 days ago


Its too bad he didn't fight the cops and warned them about the trip lines in his apartment....those are people that actually should die.

I feel sorry for the Innocent people in that movie theater, certainly not all of them were human parasites, but I'm sure many were.

This young man had his under-grad degree in Neuro-Science and was studying for his PhD before dropping out to kill some humans. He probally felt disgusted with teh state of this nation and it populace. Likely he felt that with the amound of people signing up fro disability outpacing the amount of people going and getting jobs, that its time to cull some of these sub-humans. To bad he wasn't selective and killed innocent children.

I understand motives, though I don't condone him in anyway. But it is a shame he didn't have a shoot out with cops since he had every possible piece of body armor you can obtain....oh well guess he was a ***** at heart.

794 days ago


as a christian I feel this is proof the enemy exists and we need God in our lives more than ever!America should have kept God in schools and government! God is real and so is the devil, We as christians have to rebuke the enemy daily!

794 days ago
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