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'Batman' Massacre

You Be the Judge

7/22/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colorado massacre and James Holmes raise fundamental questions about movie violence, guns and public safety. So we gotta ask ...


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I'm surprised so many people voted for metal detectors at theaters. Why overreact to one terrible incident? Personally, I do not think private businesses with untrained people should be monitoring and possibly searching my things in the name of safety. That'll annoy innocent people, and people who really want to cause harm will easily get around it.

733 days ago


Yeah. Metal detectors at theaters, THAT'S a great idea. Theaters have already made the movie-going experience as expensive and annoying as it is.

733 days ago


62% of people don't think movies spawn violence? Give me a break. Put 2 6 year old boys in front of a violent movie or TV show for that matter and watch them emulate the violence in the movie. -- fact: Children who watch violent programs have been proven to be more likely to commit violent acts. -

733 days ago



733 days ago


White people are known for not being able to handle stress & struggle well. They want people to suffer for their problems. So much for the silver spoon..

733 days ago


TMZ you guys are a bunch of dip sh*ts! You make people of the United States sound like total pantie wastes!!! How do you think people who live in countries that face possible death everyday from suicide bombers, missle attacks, etc. see us when you ask a stupid question like that. This is one lone act from some guy who just lost it and decided others were going to pay for his failings...and you ask a question if now we are afraid to go to a movie theatre or god forbid leave our homes to live our lives....when people from other countries deal with lunatics every day of their lives and still manage to go to the market, school, work.

733 days ago


Switzerland...... Lowest in crime...highest in personal gun ownership. Google it yourself.

We Americans need more good people carrying guns.

The bad guys will always find a way to get weapons. James Holmes must be pure evil or self absorbed with a side order of jerk. IMO

One needs only to be aware of the love their own mother showed them, to know enough not to go kill and disfigure random people.

He serves as an example of why I do not believe suicide should be illegal. If only he had just hung himself with out hurting innocent people.

Even now, why the heck would we as a society put him on suicide precautions?

We need some tough Love.
Love for the ones who got shot and killed and lost family members.
Tough on the losers who chose the devil and crime.

733 days ago


you cannot take the freedoms away from the many bc of the actions of a few crazy and mentally deranged people. Guns are not the problem, I own a few guns and would never hurt another life other than for protection or bc I was dieing of starvation.

733 days ago


everyones brain is the same color. if it isnt working it isnt. He wont get off on Temp Insanity. Theyll ask about curennt events or his child life

733 days ago


guns were only regulated when Reagan got shot at in '80(Brady took the hit). NRA end that w/ $$$$ at congress over the past 30+ yrs. This will help get the regs. back up.

733 days ago


Mentally deranged
Death penalty

Kill the mentally deranged? ... You people disturb me.

733 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

C'mon everyone can see plain as day this guy got the idea for this from the entire Batman deal... the attack was fashioned after a 1986 Batman comic book, it's laid out for you to see with your own eyes.. no links here but copy and paste this headline "Was the Batman movie shooting imitated from scene in 1986 comic?" The guy 's shooting up a theater and the trailer for the movie was the same thing, a nut shooting up a theater. Just like before 911 we would regularly see our own national monuments wasted in movies including the WTC and there were even album covers that depicted the very scene that day but 4 years before it happened it was done so regularly. These mopes out there get their ideas from books and movies, they can't think this stuff up themselves, they can barely wipe their own azzzes half the time it seems to me when they bring these 'failed' terrorists in. They're like the guy you argued with yesterday at the Shell station, a dime a dozen nowadays, general mopes who couldn't change a flat tire.

733 days ago

Peter Sc    

Every single European newspaper blames the easy access to guns for such tragedies. I say: Try to live in an Europe where the only guns belong to gangsters who are muslims or entering our countries from the Eastern Europe.

Then you are scared. I work against copyright law because I can not afford to buy any expensive brand. If I do a home invasion is certain because our borders are unwatched. I order most of my food online and I dont go to movies because we as ordinary citizens cannot even arm ourselves with a knife.

Instead concealed weapons should be allowed for ordinary people. Then this madness will stop.

I will pray for all those who have lost someone in this tragedy.

733 days ago


...and Nobel Prize Winner Saint Obama is not saying ONE F* WORD about the the gun lobby, the NRA, etc., unfortunately Mitt Romney has decided to do the same.

WE can change, you bastard, BUT YOU do change nothing in this country!

733 days ago


These poll results are mind boggling how can people believe this man is mentally deranged but want him to receive the death penalty? Makes no sense, he's EVIL, he planned this, and got all the weapons etc, LEGALLY!

733 days ago
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