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'Batman' Massacre

You Be the Judge

7/22/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colorado massacre and James Holmes raise fundamental questions about movie violence, guns and public safety. So we gotta ask ...


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Society needs to stop using "mental" excuses for murderers. He planned this over 3 months and was more than prepared with body armor and ammunition. This was premeditated and handled with a clear mind, he is evil and WANTED to kill people.

792 days ago

truth hurts    

Worse for children? Parents that don't screen what they are exposed to.

792 days ago


Please.... Don't let this event change our way of life. Never give any harasser, bully or terrorist any power!! Please sign our petition to resume Dark Knight premieres and events.

792 days ago


this would never happen in states like texas and alaska because everybody in those states are carring weapons legally,can you imagine the look on this guys face staring into a croud of people in the stands all armed to the teeth?

792 days ago

Mike W    

I hate conspiracy theories but this one is worth considering:

792 days ago


Banning guns because of one idiot makes as much sense as to ban all cars after a drunk driver kills someone or banning all airplanes after a crash.
Liberals always want to take guns away from law abiding citizens after incidents like this. I have owned guns my whole life and never shot someone.

792 days ago


Stop bullying James Holmes! Leave him alone! He's a good guy who was passing through bad moments and did wrong things. Just that. He shouldn't be arrested. Just god can judge him!

792 days ago


It scares me to the very core that the votes show in favor of banning guns. You people are ignorant if you think banning guns will do more good than harm. No matter what thugs are going to have weapons! Innocent people will be disarmed with no way to protect themselves. It is just another way to slowing strip us of our civil rights til we are no longer able to resist the strong hold of what is about to come. GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE....mentally disturbed people kill people!!!!!!!!! And we need to have the right to defend ourselves from those crazies!!

792 days ago



792 days ago


I like the "Should there be metal detectors in theaters" vote box. The guy broke in through the outside from an emergency exit and started shooting at people. How would a metal detector stop that? And if someone would of been carrying their firearm, a lot less people wouldn't have been killed or hurt. Just saying.

792 days ago


Colorado should put this loser's trial on a fast track and execute his @ss by the end of the year.

792 days ago


Interesting tally. Movie Violence is worse for children....yet it ok to produce them with no filter. Society...the question...what are we breeding?

792 days ago


This is not about violence in movies. This is about violence in video games, where you ARE the killer. I just know it.

792 days ago


Someone is making page after page after page congratulating this mongrel on Facebook. Anyone who makes a page about this douche should go to jail too.

792 days ago

BB not bb    

I heard there is a second suspect who called police and threatened that if James is not realased there will be trouble. This is making me think that this could be the Dark Awakening spoken of by ex cop turned Christian Russ Disdar. He predicted that an undergroud movement of Satanists was going to rise up and try to take over the country.

Many serial killers have ties to satanic groups. Son of Sam has intimated as much, though he is afraid to tell the whole story because they are so powerful and influential. They could have helped this kid to get the weapons and armor he needed to do the job.

It did seem like a ritual killing the way it happened at the opening midnight showing of a dark movie called The Dark Awakening in a town called Aurora, which means dawn in Spanish. Maybe they intend it as the dawn of a new era of Satanic influence. It could be they intended these people as a ritual sacrifice to help kick it off and get favor with satan. Look at the devil horns teased up in James's hair in the first picture out.

I also notice that he has the same demented smile as the kid who committed the Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona. The little girl who was shot there was born on 9/11/01, the date of the twin towers massacre. Maybe both of these young men were involved with some sort of fringe satanic group.

Maybe the dark energy coupled with the church going college scholar image didn't make sense to most people and that is why they avoided talking to James. Maybe they ignored him to begin with and it got worse once he turned to satanism for power over his life.

792 days ago
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