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James Holmes

Fellow Inmates 'Talking About Killing' Him

7/21/2012 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Recently released inmates at Arapahoe Detention Center in Colorado are saying the only thing the inmates still inside can talk about ... is killing James Holmes ... this according to a new report.

Wayne Medley told the NY Daily News, "All the inmates were talking about killing him. Everyone was looking for an opportunity. It's all they could talk about."

The paper says Holmes is in solitary confinement and was placed on suicide watch. Another inmate, Dima Damalov, told the paper that if Holmes was released into the general population he wouldn't "live to see Monday's court appearance."

A jail employee said Holmes "hasn't shown any remorse" while an unidentified inmate told the paper, "He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guards. He's spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy."

Holmes is due in court for the first time on Monday. He could face the death penalty if convicted.


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anyone find it ironic that inmates want to kill this guy? I'm sure all of the inmates' crimes were justifiable.

790 days ago


Anyone find it ironic that inmates want to kill this guy? Sure the dude is a psycho. So some if not all felons think killing people is wrong? Im sure the person they killed had a good reason?

790 days ago


Put him in with everyone else, save the country some money and have the inmates kill him!! Why should he be in protective custody??? No one was protected from him on the night of the shooting!!! I wish we still used the guillotine!

790 days ago


Ok, so I was just browsing around on facebook and stumbled onto a page that NEEDS to be deleted asap, I cannot believe someone has the audasity to appluad the horrific mass shooting that occured in Aurora, The events that took place should never be applauded, a sick person obviously plotted the whole thing, and to think that numerous people were injured and many were killed is just showing the severity of the shootings. Miitary personel were among the ones injured, how dare you injure somebody who puts thier life on the line defending their country, the one you live in, and who in thier right mind could injure an innocent child! this person is obviuosly very sick, and the person who made this page should be brought in for a head check too, Please go and report this page before the families of the victims see it: Free James Holmes - He did it for the lulz

790 days ago


BS!! Wouldn't happen in jail. Maybe in prison by some nut wanting some publicity, but probably not even then. This guy lost his mind for some reason. It does not, in any way, excuse what he did. However, something went terribly wrong in his mind. Stop with all the crazy headlines.

790 days ago


By threatening him, they pretty much guarantee that they will never get the chance to kill him.

790 days ago


GOOD!!!! somebody in prison should kill him if they get the chance..and if that fails than the courts will kill him...if all else fails im sure a citizen will do it.... to do what he did for no reasons and to have no effect of his actions is disgusting...faster they rid of him the better

790 days ago


i don't understand inmates. why is it that they think another inmate should be killed for their crimes? why is holmes any more deserving of being killed in jail than they themselves? afterall, didn't they commit some horrible crime that landed them in jail? so it's okay to murder someone during an armed robbery, but not to mass murder? i'm just curious about the logic.

790 days ago


I wonder how many people who would hail Holmes' killer as a hero, would do so if that inmate was a child rapist/killer.

790 days ago

Andreas Moser    

I would suggest that there was a very clear warning sign about James Holmes: To anyone who wanted to look, his sinister plan could have been obvious before.

790 days ago


he has that creepy, all-knowing Zuckerberg look. especially that mirthful smirk.

790 days ago


Whatever Inmate KILL'S him should get some time off his Sentence and Full Comensary Free for the remander of his Sentence. LET'S GO INMATES

790 days ago


There's something really weird about the fact that he's smiling in that photo. I say feed him to the rest of the pigs in jail and let him get a little ass ****ing. :P Beat him up, kill him, he deserves to be punished harshly for what he did.

790 days ago


These DUI clowns are posers... No one in the county jail kills people - they have yet to be sentenced - that's why it's called pre-trial detention - Those who have been convicted and do time in the county jail - it's for less than 365 days...

Prison? A whole nuther story!

790 days ago


the should put him in general population

790 days ago
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