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James Holmes

Fellow Inmates 'Talking About Killing' Him

7/21/2012 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Recently released inmates at Arapahoe Detention Center in Colorado are saying the only thing the inmates still inside can talk about ... is killing James Holmes ... this according to a new report.

Wayne Medley told the NY Daily News, "All the inmates were talking about killing him. Everyone was looking for an opportunity. It's all they could talk about."

The paper says Holmes is in solitary confinement and was placed on suicide watch. Another inmate, Dima Damalov, told the paper that if Holmes was released into the general population he wouldn't "live to see Monday's court appearance."

A jail employee said Holmes "hasn't shown any remorse" while an unidentified inmate told the paper, "He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guards. He's spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy."

Holmes is due in court for the first time on Monday. He could face the death penalty if convicted.


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Why is it that no one mentions that James Holmes is a member of the anarchist group Black Bloc and a member of Occupy?? That this is how Black Bloc operates..That he is a spoiled child..

793 days ago


Let him in general population! Make everyone happy and do NOT punish the people who succeed. In fact, cut their future sentence in half if they do.

793 days ago


BTW, Daniel Bryan saw this article and started chanting "YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!" I do not know what that means but okay.

793 days ago

Mason H    

I've been in the Arapahoe Detention center for a friggin' FTA on a traffic ticket. Long story short, the police are 10 times worse in there than the inmates. The inmates were actually more worried about doing their time, talking about mystery novels, playing dominos and figuring out how to get the good jobs. During processing the guards stuff you into a cell with 5-10 other inmates and if your lucky, you'll get a pad covered in fecal mater to lay on (I'm not kidding). God forbid you need medical attention of any sort, I had 1 day disposable contacts in and was forced to wear them for 3 days w/o contact solution (I'm near blind without them) and guards would just walk right past when I asked for a doctor or contact solution. Once you're actually processed things get a little better, but only because you have open access to running water and if your bedding is disgusting you can wash it and yourself. My point being, the inmates are far more humane than the guards/police officers in there so if anyone's talking about killing him, I'd suspect it wouldn't be the inmates who spend all their time trying to find a way to get out early. It's a jail/detention center, not a maximum security prison!.

793 days ago


My concern is how is anyone going to recognize him as he was disguised from head to toe. not one person that has been interviewed has said they could identify turns my stomach to even think that this guy may get away with this. So far no one has come forward that can definitely identify him with the guns and actually pulling the triggers. He didn't speak, so they can't go by voice recognition....and with the theater back door being open, any one could have come through there...creating "reasonable doubt".

793 days ago


Spitting at a guard is asking for a guard to get careless and "forget" to keep the door locked. Solitary confinement no longer.

793 days ago


The inmate says, "Dude is acting crazy" No kidding he is CRAZY!!!!

793 days ago

Tyler Martin    

Put this waste of life in a theatre and let the victims families shoot at him, but keep him alive as long as possible.... ****ing legit piece of **** here folks, **** YOU JAMES HOLMES

793 days ago

Tyler Martin    

Kathleen you're dumb. If you think any jury or judge would acquit this guy because no one can identify him you are just stupid.

Remember the scene in Green Mile "dead man walking" ??? DEAD MAN WALKIN HERE

793 days ago


Don't kill him. That would be the easy way out for him. I want him to be tortured for the rest of his pathetic life.

793 days ago


There is an unspoken code amongst inmates: they hate rapists, child molestors and those who kill women and children. Unfortunately, he's gonna be "checked in" to protective custody until they give him the chair. Not all inmates are monsters or hopeless; all it takes is one mistake for them to be stigmatized for life. Once they are marked, they are locked out of society with little opportunity but to become the criminals they are forever labeled as.

793 days ago


I think the spitting is him working on his crazy defense. He did an awful lot of methodical planning for him to be crazy. I bet his parents have some idea what's up with him and all that anger!

793 days ago


When a crime like this is committed, where there is absolutely no question about the person's guilt, these people should be treated the same way an animal would if it wandered into a town and started mauling residents. It'd be put down ASAP.

793 days ago


Yeah, murderers and rapists and thiefs and drugdealers and pimps. Who are they to talk?

793 days ago


Please let somebody murder this guy in prison.

793 days ago
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