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James Holmes

Cops Disarm First Explosive Device in His Apt.

7/21/2012 1:00 PM PDT UPDATED: 7/21/2012 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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update_bar 4:39 PM PT -- The Aurora PD just tweeted: "UPDATE: All hazards have been removed from the Paris Street location." Paris Street location = Holmes' apartment.

1:55 PM PT -- Police just completed a press conference where Chief Daniel Oates described the apartment by saying, "Make no mistake, this apartment was designed to kill whoever entered it."

11:50 AM PT -- Police say they have "been successful in disabling a second triggering device through a controlled detonation ... Although NOT certain, we are hopeful we have eliminated the remaining major threats."

10:40 AM PT -- Cops successfully completed a controlled detonation inside the apartment. Police released a statement saying, "The controlled detonation was successful. Still more work to be done in the apartment to include dealing with other devices. There is a possibility of more controlled detonations. We will keep you updated. Streets open now."

10:30 AM PT -- Cops released a statement about the explosive, saying, "The Device was designed to kill a person if they entered. This could have been meant for law enforcement or emergency personnel."Police in Aurora, CO have disarmed the trip wire and first explosive device at the apartment of James Holmes, the suspect in Colorado shooting massacre. 

Cops have no timetable for how long it will take to disarm all the devices inside the apartment, but they are "confident" they will complete the task today.

Police say there are approximately 30 various devices inside and an additional 30 aerial shells.

Holmes told police his apartment was booby-trapped at the time of his arrest. Since then, however, police say he has been uncooperative.


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Phew. No wonder an evacuation was in order after the 911 call was placed for loud music at the crack of dawn. Everyone has the right to peace and quiet especially at that hour. Noise enforcement...we all have the right to sleep.

824 days ago

BB not bb    

He was playing loud music so that the cops would go to the apartment and be far away from his ritual sacrifice in the movie theater. The cops who tried to enter the apartment would have been killed, creating chaos and the need for more cops to go there and be too preoccupied to get to the movie theater, allowing time for him to possibly escape.

I think he just wanted to kill people at midnight, in Aurora (meaning dawn), on the opening night of the Dark Knight Rising, on July 20, not just kill randomly cops in his apartment. He was performing a ritual sacrifice for satan. July 20th is the date the satanists gather their human sacrifices, usually little girls, in preparation for the ritual on July 27th according to expert Russ Dizdar.

824 days ago


Kill Him. But shoot his leg off first and make him suffer for a bit too. Eye for an eye!!

824 days ago

Nosy and Concerned    

they are going to fry his azz...

The thing that gets me MOST about this nutty guy is that he was educated and could have really been a doctor...

Makes me wonder how many nutty doctors and mad scientists that are practicing in any capacity right now...get a second opinion turned into get a 3rd and a 4th opinion...

psychological evaluations should really be a part of this whole doctor thing...regardless of whether you are teaching or you think Einstein would have passed a psychological evaluation? wonder if he had any sinister plans...

makes you wonder for sure!

823 days ago


They should have just brought him to the apt and pushed him through the door. Let his own devices kill him.

823 days ago
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