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James Holmes

Reportedly Took Drugs

Before Shooting Spree

7/21/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


James Holmes took Vicodin 2-and-a-half hours before yesterday's shooting rampage ... this according to a new report.

According to KMGH TV in Denver, Holmes took 100 mg of Vicodin late Thursday night. 

Meanwhile a man who lived across the street from Holmes told the NY Post he used to "see him smoking weed behind the apartment." He told the paper, "Nobody ever really talked to him. He was alone a lot."

Holmes remains in custody and is scheduled to be arraigned at 8:30 AM on Monday.


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so is monday going to be when he is sentenced? reply

833 days ago


I bet he had a crippling Marijuana addiction

833 days ago


Jesus first start calling the AR15 a assault rifle that can fire 100's of rounds a min (total fail)
and now its Vicodin fault? it played no roll in this so to even report it shows how stupid the writer is..

833 days ago


Bunch of red herrings.It seems pretty obvious the shootings were pre-meditated as evidenced by the procurement of weapons, ammunition, the apartment contents, etc, A person can be smart have no criminal past, yet be insane. Example Ted Kasczynski ( the unabomber) entered Harvard at age 16, got a PHD in mathematics and became an assistant Professor at Berkeley at the age of 25 I'm sure lawyers are lined up for miles to represent him for a insanity defense with the goal of him being locked in an institution for the rest of his life. But said defense won't be

833 days ago


Um... Vicodin is a downer.. not a drug normally associated with peopled losing their minds and shooting people. Pretty sure this little tidbit is totally irrelevant.

833 days ago


ahhh tmz wow, yall need someone like me who knows this type of thing frontward and back. first off vicodin is made of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. either 5/500 which means 5mg of hydrocodone (the good stuff) and 500mg of acetaminophen (tylenol) and there are 7.5mg ones as well as 10mg ones. when someone says they took 100mg of vicodin it means they took 100mg of hydrocodone which sounds like quite a bit (20 - 5mg pills) but many people take 100mg of oxycodone strait into the vein which is roughly twice as strong at hydrocodone. now, anything above about 3000mg of acetaminophen is dangerous for your liver and 20 5/500 would be 10000mg of it. not necessarily fatal or even that bad for some but probably going to cause some harm. so he prob either cold water extracted the hydrocodone (basically separate them so you just take the good stuff) or took the 10mg/ type of vicodin. anyway, if you need someone to tell you quick info on things like this just hit me up tmz.

833 days ago


He's not bad looking...they should lock him up for a few years with a sexual predator as a cellmate and then let a family member of each person that he killed/wounded line up and shoot him one by one...not that he has to suffer a gunshot for each person he killed. Then let him slowly bleed to death.

833 days ago


My guess is he crushed the pill and sniffed some of it. Maybe sniffing it has a different effect and would explain why he had only 100mg in his system.

833 days ago


Vicodin and and weed would have mellowed out the majority of most people. Personally, I think had he not taken the drugs, it would have been a hell of a lot worse b/c his precision would have been more accurate.

833 days ago


** NEWS FLASH ** he ate a bag of M&M's and drank a pepsi before entering the theatre.

833 days ago


What’s the point of all the superfluous noise? Dude is charged with mass murder...all of this other stuff is just stuff.

833 days ago


You just know some brain dead ultra con is gonna start screaming about weed making him psychotic. It wasn't the weed that made him psychotic, it was his broken head that made him psychotic.

833 days ago

justin case    

Well he should have kept smoking weed cause all he would have been doing is sitting out back smoking his weed... Vicodin is a man made drug and with any man made drug there are major side effects and here is a major one.... Boycott and make vicodin an illegal drug.... More WEED less pharmacy drugs..... I knew they would throw in that the guy smoked weed the AMA is always trying to make people think weed is bad to keep it illegal so they can push there drugs on people.....

833 days ago


I have a vicodin prescription and I have no plans to massacre anyone anywhere. And, if he took 100 mg's of it, no way would he be anywhere but in bed sleeping.

833 days ago


Neither of those would have any relevance to what he did. If it was crystal meth or something i'd say yes, that could have contributed, meth can make people homicidal and that literally changes your brain chemistry. But having used vicodin, a painkiller, and smoking weed on a daily basis, i know first hand that having those two in your system would make carrying out what he did more difficult. Weed and Vicodin would sedate you, not influence you to kill people. Making a post like this will have some ignorant people thinking if they smoke weed they'll end up like him, you don't even know if he was high at the time.

833 days ago
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