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Sage Stallone

Laid to Rest

in Private Funeral

7/21/2012 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sylvester Stallone and several close family members mourned the passing of Sage Stallone today, at a private funeral held in Brentwood, CA.

The memorial services took place at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church. Sly, his wife Jennifer Flavin, and his brother Frank Stallone were all present. 

36-year-old Sage -- who appeared in "Rocky V" with his dad -- died July 13 at his L.A. home. The circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated.

In a previous statement Sylvester Stallone said, "This agonizing loss will be felt for the rest of our lives. Sage is our first child and the center of our universe and I am humbly begging for all to have my son's memory and soul left in peace."


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No greater loss than that of your child no matter what the cir***stances. God be with Sly and his family. It's a shame he can't have the privacy he is asking for.

824 days ago


Its sad that this young man lost his life. Glad to see dad has all his makeup on.

824 days ago


Out of all this, one has to wonder as to WTF went on in this guy's apartment. No one with a business sense, even drug dealers, keeps empty containers of the product they're either doing...or selling around them. NO ONE!

Yeah, a baggie here, a roach there, a rig...but no one keeps a hoard of empty bottles. Was he saving them up to dispose of in bulk? NO! You don't SAVE up evidence. Was he dealing drugs? I don't think so.

I'm not defending him...but we all save empty containers for use with something else. Heck, I keep the container I get coffee in to pour my bacon grease in, then throw it out when it gets empty. Personally, I think that the pill bottle containers were meant for another usage.

Were they full when they got to Sage's apartment? That remains to be seen...but I honestly doubt it.

824 days ago


All things considered, Sly has has overcome some of his own developmental issues to become the beloved and successful actor and artist. He has a beautiful wife and daughters (saw this up close and personal and they are all gorgeous) and has endured being a parent to an autistic child as well. My heart goes out to him and Sage's mother. Sad.

824 days ago


Looking sharp Frank!
Blame it on the Russians.

824 days ago

somewhere in Texas    

Why didn't Sly's mother SEE this coming?

824 days ago


Is that even him (Mr. Stallone) ? Seems the makeup on everyone is overly done.

824 days ago


Sage is the center of our universe, is that why Mom called the house keeper to go check up on him for her?

824 days ago


i really feel for Sly. he loves devastated. RIP and hopefully he can find some peace with what has happened some day.

824 days ago


for anyone saying sly should have being there to help. you can't follow a 36 year old man around and beat him on the backside when he does wrong. they would have being tryin for years to stop him and look out for him the same way amy winehouse parents did but these are grown adults and sometimes the parent has too let go because they alternative is that they will run themselves into the ground and ignore all the other family and children.

824 days ago


Why did he ban his mother from the funeral? If I were the Grandma nobody could keep me out. I have a different feeling about Stallone now.

824 days ago


Couldn't imagine losing my son. I feel horrible for stallone. Herion dealers are killing are kids also. We need to kill herion dealers now.

824 days ago


To a parent it does not matter if your child sold drugs, took drugs (had a substance abuse disease-problem) If you have never lost a loved one you will never understand that none of that matters, nor does something that was caused by a Mental Illness (yes ! your shocked but KNOW the back-story) ever be able to stop that love , that grieving.You try so hard to get help but where?
Let me say this, several years ago a mother of 5 (Andrea Yates) did drown her children. Earlier the week before she went for counseling and the Facility deemed her "okay" and not a threat to herself or others....her husband went to the Behavioral Facility and begged for help, as she continued to do. Yes, This ties in with the guy who killed the movie patrons, although I do not know what he did leading up to this.
Andrea Yates and a few other people would have been in a hospital under a mandatory 72 hour hold and no one would have died that day.
So, the next time you jump to conclusions about anyone's mental health remember most people beg for help and are turned away. I would not want to live knowing I was the person who told M.Yates 'she was okay' and repeated it to family members. As for Sage? who knows?why did his life end with a family who loved him, who had the money to get him help (one of the blessed few) didn't he feel good enough in the eyes of ? I am sorry but I find doubt in what the "medical world" has said, it makes NO SENSE!!!

824 days ago

Jo Hogan    

I am so confused as to why this beautiful young man is gone . His lawyers says he was set to be married this weekend , where was his fiance. how could he go un checked on for so long , surely business partners & a girlfriend would not ignore the fact that he wasnt answering his phone. I'm too old to say this but i'm gonna any way , had that been my fiance i dont think i could have spent a day without being close to him.......this death is highly suspicious !...Good bye Sage , we love ya and will miss the talent god blessed you with !

824 days ago


that has to be the stupidest cop in the world. addicts are always rail thin? i'll have to go tell the people i know that are fat and do drugs all day the good news that there is no way they could possibly be an addict since they have a high bmi.

824 days ago
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