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'Dark Knight Rises'

Set to Rake in $160 MILLION

7/22/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dark Knight Rises" is on track to pull in north of $160 million for the 3-day opening, despite the tragedy surrounding the flick ... this according to reports.

The major Hollywood studios aren't reporting official box office numbers yet out of respect for those affected by the massacre in Aurora on Friday ... but The Hollywood Reporter is estimating the film will take in a solid $160 million.

Prior to Friday's theater shooting, the film was estimated to pull in around $170 million, according to THR.

Despite the lower number, it will still make Christopher Nolan's third "Batman" installment the highest grossing 2D release of all time ... and will beat the opening of last year's "Dark Knight", which capped out at a $158.4 million in its first weekend.

"The Avengers" still takes the crown for best opening ever ... raking in $207.4 million.

Official numbers will be posted Monday AM.


No Avatar


Will they donate some money to the people that were injured on Friday? And to the families who lost loved ones?

826 days ago


dont worry wb and movie industry.the snakes at the gossip sites will report it.because they no shame.they chase people and force bad accidents and so forth.wish more celebs would run the paps over

826 days ago


The studios aren't reporting numbers out of respect for the dead and injured. What does this say about you TMZ?

826 days ago

Fat Mike    

"The major Hollywood studios aren't reporting official box office numbers yet out of respect for those affected by the massacre in Aurora on Friday"
But of course TMZ are, as they have no respect for anyone but themselves

826 days ago

joe blow    

oh wow such good news too hear for a minute there i was so worried this shooting spree that devastated countless lives would have an affect on some already very wealthy peoples bank accounts.. i am so happy to hear this we were all so worried they would not make enough cash.

i wonder just how many scenes in 'the dark knight' are similar to what happened in the theater ? how many times do you see a person with a gun shoot at other people in this movie?? well i am sure that there just are not enough scenes & we will need some more added to the movie so let's just make another one too shoot more people.

before we get stupid & have gun control lets have MOVIE CONTROL.. stop making movies that are all violence & then complain when it happens in real life.


826 days ago


We all wonder why so many Hollywood Stars/Actors are on drugs and are Alcoholics, wind up dead.
maybe it's Karma, the price they have to pay for promoting Violence.

825 days ago


Why would you make a big deal based on an estimate projection and why couldn't this information wait until next weekend? If it was your boyfriend Harvey, I'm sure you would be to grief stricken for financials.

825 days ago


The "Dark Knight" producers should donate some of that $160... mil to the families of the victims of that terrible tragedy. May they all rest in peace.

825 days ago

It's Dave    

The money the movie has taken in is not blood money. Nobody involved with this movie had anything to do with the actions of James Holmes. Assuming he had no accomplices, Holmes and Holmes alone is responsible for the shooting spree.

That being said, I find it distasteful of TMZ to run a story about the movie's ticket sales in light of the fact that 12 people have been murdered and 59 others shot. Really, TMZ... it is way too soon for this story. The bodies have literally not even been buried yet.

825 days ago


I'm getting sick of people blaming the movie for what happened. That sick freak did what he did because he has problems, not because a friggen movie. He could have been watching Disney movies and still commit mass murder. People need to take responsibility for their actions and stop taking the easy way out. The movie made millions because it's a good movie and deserves it. It's not fair that the movie will always be tainted now because of that freak. Obviously it's not fair that 12 people died and 58 were injured but that's not the movie's fault, it's the PERSON'S fault who committed the murder. I obviously feel horrible for the victims and their families but bitching at the movie isn't going to solve anything. Obviously no one knew that this was going to happen. The only person who knew this was Holmes. So how about we start putting the blame where it belongs? R.i.p to all the victims. My heart goes out to everyone who has been effected.

820 days ago
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