YouPorn to Fred Willard Here's a Free Computer, Ya Know ... For PORN

7/22/2012 11:30 AM PDT

has come up with a solution to Fred Willard's dilemma of allegedly wanting to masturbate while watching XXX movies ... but NOT be arrested. AT-HOME INTERNET PORN!!!

The adult themed website fired off a letter to the 72-year-old actor -- who was recently popped for stroking the one-eyed snake in public -- offering to buy him a brand, new computer to watch porn on.

The letter states, "We wanted to educate you a little more on some of society's newest advances to help you achieve orgasm from the privacy of your own home."

Not only that, the XXX site even throws in free installation, adding "One of our YouPorn representatives will come to your home to install it for you."

Porn sites ... always lookin' out for the little guy.