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James Holmes


In Colorado Court

7/23/2012 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

"Dark Knight" shooter James Holmes appeared in court moments ago ... sporting red-orange hair ... a red jumpsuit ... and a very bizarre demeanor.

Holmes was informed he will be charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER for killing 12 people in a Colorado movie theater on Friday.  The formal charges are expected to be filed soon.

Holmes appeared sedated in court -- constantly opening his eyes widely ... and then appearing to doze off while the judge was speaking.

At one point, he began to blink wildly. 

Holmes did not say a word during the hearing.

The judge informed Holmes that he will be kept in custody on a no-bail hold due to the egregious nature of the crimes he's been accused of committing.

Holmes has been forbidden from contacting any of the victims or their families.

Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers addressed the media outside of the courthouse ... and said prosecutors have NOT decided if they will pursue the death penalty.

Prosecutors also said they do not know if Holmes was on any kind of medication during the hearing.

Prosecutors believe Holmes' trial won't start until a year from now.


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You're giving this jacka** the fame he wanted. STOP SHOWING HIS FACE!

819 days ago


you have already dropped to third on my list of trashy ent. news. Keep reporting on news and celebrity's children (who have done nothing to garner this attention and i will stop coming to this web site do what you known to do report on celebrities. When did that person become a celebrity i have a person down the street just as crazy why not report on him he is just a worthy based on our criteria now regarding getting reported on

819 days ago

There's a problem here    

This holds such trainwreck interest for me, as much as I want to turn away I can't. I am beginning to go with the idea that these shooters not be called by their names and instead referred to with some generic nickname, with perhaps only one published picture, which would be the one that they hated most. Period. I'm torn between wanting to know everything and wanting this sick freak not to be glorified. At least this time the victims are being honored as the people they were.

819 days ago


I know this comment will not be seen, but do you guys even care about the victims? you consider this thing an event. do you not realize this is what he (the shooter) wants, you fiill up the entire page with james holmes, stop it already, I use to enjoy this site.

819 days ago


You, TMZ, are just giving him what he wants. You're making this douche a celebrity. Your obsession with all things unholy needs to tone down. This is BS. Anticipation to see him??? This isn't candy coated lohan here. This is a man who killed tons of people. Nothing more and shouldn't be glorified. "He is already guilty. This is a sentencing trial. Death by Exile."

819 days ago


I pray the people he slew are at peace but if they aren't I hope they haunt his waking and sleeping hours until he kills himself with the emotional agony of what horror he has cast on people.

819 days ago

Matt from Syracuse    

He sorta looks like the older brother from The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

819 days ago


He's sooo creepy!

819 days ago


I can't look at him, he's doing this creepy "sad eyes" thing. Giving me the heeby geebies.

819 days ago


is he seriously falling asleep??? I hope he sees all the victims faces every time that piece of crap closes his eyes... stop turning him into a star..... murdering innocent people is NOT star status!

819 days ago

Matt from Syracuse    

Where's Benjy Bronk when you need him?

819 days ago

Gloria Unread    

It looks like he's *trying* to appear crazy. Bugging his eyes out and looking confused. It also looks like he's trying to feign sadness and remorse, but it's coming off a little forced.

819 days ago


As a mother, my heart breaks for all involved in this unecessary tragedy and nightmare. This young man James is obviously ill, and it's really a shame that sometimes society pushes these brainiac kids to grow up in the adult world without seeking help before something like this happens. This kid is still someone's child, and all the lost lives and people that are recovering are deeply in my thoughts and prayers. I couldn't even imagine the pain in their hearts.
God Bless

819 days ago

nobody important    

Damn this nut job is on something

819 days ago

There's a problem here    

Nice affect there, poor me falling asleep, knitting my brows like I don't understand what's going on, keeping my mouth downcast. No one's buying it, Holmes.

819 days ago
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