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James Holmes' Family


7/23/2012 12:52 PM PDT UPDATED: 7/23/2012 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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James Holmes' family stands by their son -- this according to the family's lawyer.

The lawyer spoke moments ago during a new conference in San Diego -- and when asked if James' family supports him, the lawyer replied, "Yes, they do. He's their son."

The Holmes' family lawyer addressed the media to clarify a recent ABC report, in which James' mother Arlene allegedly identified her son as the mass murderer, saying, "You have the right person."

The lawyer read a statement on Arlene's behalf -- claiming Arlene had replied "You have the right person" in reference to herself ... when the reporter asked if she was Arlene Holmes, mother of James Holmes.

Arlene's statement continues, "At this time, we will not be discussing James and his relationship to the family."

As for the original report -- ABC News says it stands by its story.


No Avatar


how disgusting is the media , blaming the family or attempting to ,for this morons actions.

822 days ago


"I will be accessible for more questions to which I will respond "I can't comment" in case you didn't hear me the first 250 times - thank you for your time (neighs as she gallops away)

822 days ago


I do feel for his family... being caught in the middle of a storm and being blamed for it...

822 days ago


His mother ought be arrested for giving birth to him. Pwilkers2012

822 days ago


Someone really needs to help this lady with her mouth problem. Whatever her problem, it is very distracting, and will not help an attorney make her point.

822 days ago

Good riddance!    

Seriously! Give US the option to listen or lose listeners. This was blasting! Couldn't hit the mute button quick enough.

822 days ago

Eva Stuart    

OMG...just read the statement from the family and get off the stage. This is dangerous! You are turning this into a circus and other twisted kids looking for attention will want to follow. Refer to the killer as "the Shooter" and not "James". Stop posting his picture. Start using words like "coward" and "disgusting". Mock him. Post more pictures of this douchbag's victims. Do not glamorize this if you don't want it to happen again!

822 days ago


I'm sure his family is suffering too. This has to be difficult. The media should leave them alone.

822 days ago


So this stupid statement is just so his mom can clear up some inconsequential crap she said earlier? Wow, lady, way to ride the selfish “it’s all about me” train. Maybe you should be more concerned with the victims’ families. I can see where her son gets the attitude that no one else matters.

822 days ago


I like how Colorado's governor refused to say his name and only refer to him as Suspect A.

The speaker definitely had coke on her*tty job refusing to answer any questions.

822 days ago


The lawyer for John Holmes, the porn actor who died from AIDS in 1988, had this to say: "We've just talked with Dionne Warwick from "Psychic Friends" and she tells us that in a conversation with John Holmes...he's denied any relationship to James Holmes -- adding that he thought James Holmes is a "bigger dick" than he ever was!"

822 days ago


Someone ask this ugly b*#ch attorney what she finds funny about this case? This POS shot more than 70 people and murdered 12 of them. Play back the press conf. and count how many times she laughs out loud. And the murderer's family is worred about the case not being tried in the media...the fact that he's still breathing and upright 4 days after he did what he did speaks volumes about how stupid this country has become. There's no question he did what he did...why is he still alive?

822 days ago


I totally feel for this mother, and I figured she was being misquoted. It is a terrible time for the family of the shooter as well as the victims/families of those in the theater. There is no difference...they are all victims.

822 days ago


Did anyone else catch the bit about the family standing behind their son? Why on earthy would you have your spokesperson say that? They would have been better off not making a statement at all then stating "We stand behind our son."

822 days ago


family is family but what james did is unforgivable and the 12 people that died all had families to who loved each other deeply and now they will always have a hole in their heart on the night their family member died

822 days ago
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