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Janet & Jermaine


at Jackson Family Home

7/24/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072312_janet_jackson_tmz_wmTMZ has obtained a photo of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Jackson in a heated exchange at the Jackson family home-- shortly after Sheriff's deputies responded to an alleged battery there Monday afternoon.

In the pic, Janet and her brother Jermaine are in front of the Calabasas compound ... clearly engaged in a heavy conversation.

We're told the photo was taken within the same hour LA County Sheriff's deputies went to Katherine Jackson's home ... after one family member accused another of a physical assault.

The Sheriff's Dept. isn't saying if Jermaine and Janet were the ones involved in that dispute.

As we previously reported, Janet and Jermaine have a lot to discuss -- the letter they and 3 other siblings signed, demanding the Executors of Michael Jackson's Estate step down ... and Katherine Jackson's puzzling trip to Arizona ... a trip some claim is a brainwashing mission.


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There are those that have no conscience. They will take advantage of their mother - at her weakest moment and twist things to get what they want. I do not understand why Katherine has the children now and it has to do with her age. Someone needs to have the three children's best interest as well as Katherine. It's certainly NOT the siblings! They want one thing only in my humble opinion. Over the years, I have read that other grandkids have been with Katherine. What is the deal with that? Why aren't these adults taking care of their own children? I understand why MJ's children were with Grandma but the others? I give MJ's kids KUDOS for being strong and being outspoken. Money does horrible things to families and divides. It happened in my family. Certainly wasn't the kind of money the Jackson's have but can be the root of all evil. I hope the judge is looking out for these kids because I doubt seriously their aunts and uncles are.

819 days ago


omg what is going on? This stuff happens all the time...When someone passes away, the whole family fights for the late ones empire, estate or money...It makes me sick. It has happened in my family...u know; fight over the will and the house and money. Greedy, greedy, greedy...You know that all of it should go to those kids and the family, all, wants a peace some how or someway....

819 days ago


what, are they posing for piks? Take that private. U know they know everyone can see them...

819 days ago


Looks like the stress is getting to J. Jackson. Is she packing on the pounds again? I am so very sick of this family and their public squabbles. It's all about Micheal Jackson's estate. The children are secondary- and that is very sad. It appears that these children have not lived in a stable environment since Micheal's death. The reality is ( most people don't want to accept this) Catherine Jackson is too old to provide the kind of guidance and security these children need to thrive. She is manipulated by her greedy money hungry children, all of whom want a piece of Michael Jackson's estate. What kind of grandmother leaves underaged children to fend for themselves while she de-stresses? There should have been a plan in place ( and I don't know perhaps there was a plan) to handle such matters. REMEMBER THIS JACKSON FAMILY --STRESS KILLS STRESS KILLS, AND NO AMOUNT OF IT IS WORTH YOUR MOTHER'S LIFE. THINK ABOUT IT !

817 days ago


@HeavyChevy don't know what you believe but I get a feeling it matters when you say people such as yourself , I am someone everyone hates, I do believe that MJ liked sleeping with children. NOTE: I did not say molest. I actually do not think he did go that far, or if he even wanted to, but this man could not sleep because he HAD to sleep alone, note all this drug abuse, the fact that he could not sleep started when kids were no longer in bed with him. It is one for the psych docs , but I will always believe it.His lawyer got him off on that technicality," yes all the kids said we all stayed in the bed or same bedroom", when asked if they were" touched inappropriately" the answer was NO . And most likely true, MJ could atleast sleep and that was good enough, I guess. After the trial and no children were allowed anywhere near his room , what happened? his drug or need for a sleeping drug started, it was the only thing that helped and then it stopped. That is all I need to say about that, think about it, it is the truth.
MJ let everyone take his money, the man who gave him all the problems and a mom who really did not care as long as the money kept coming, she tricked him a good one. Someone had to love this odd fellow. He paid to have children made for him. That Rowe woman must have been the right pick, perfect, she does not care what they do with those kids as long as she has her farm and horses. LOL yep, she kept her word, how I will never know. Its all about the money and they counted on the public to not believe MJ molested children, or if he did, not to care. However you look at it those kids do not fool me; they want that money. They figure that family has lived off of MJs money for 30 years .greasy

814 days ago

Fernan Jackson    

Joe should step in there and handle family business, Jackson 5 style lol

814 days ago

Tom Adamo    

Let Michael Jackson's song "Beat it" play for his surviving family. "
Beat it, beat it, beat it
Dont want to be defeated
Show how funky and strong is your fight
It doesnt not matter who is wrong or right
Just beat it"...

814 days ago


All this of this is just certain family members wanting a piece of Michael Jackson's estate...

812 days ago


I don't think Janet is money grubbing because she had a successful career and such. She relied on her own self.

799 days ago
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