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Janet & Jermaine


at Jackson Family Home

7/24/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072312_janet_jackson_tmz_wmTMZ has obtained a photo of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Jackson in a heated exchange at the Jackson family home-- shortly after Sheriff's deputies responded to an alleged battery there Monday afternoon.

In the pic, Janet and her brother Jermaine are in front of the Calabasas compound ... clearly engaged in a heavy conversation.

We're told the photo was taken within the same hour LA County Sheriff's deputies went to Katherine Jackson's home ... after one family member accused another of a physical assault.

The Sheriff's Dept. isn't saying if Jermaine and Janet were the ones involved in that dispute.

As we previously reported, Janet and Jermaine have a lot to discuss -- the letter they and 3 other siblings signed, demanding the Executors of Michael Jackson's Estate step down ... and Katherine Jackson's puzzling trip to Arizona ... a trip some claim is a brainwashing mission.


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I think it was more like a nose off.

801 days ago


I think they took Katherine away from MJ's kids because that's the only way to get into Katherine's head and get her to sign something (get the money) because they know Prince and Paris are smart and know they could convince Grandma to stick with the original plan ***Those kids seem to know what's up with their aunts and uncles ...I'm sure Michael told them all about them and the lengths they go to for a handout. ******Paris was so smart to air all this out on Twitter for the word to see...I'm sure 99% of people would believe her over stupid Jermaine and Randy (and they should). Jermaine already LIED today when he stated that the kids knew where Katherine was and she was just getting some much needed rest and is staying away from computers and phones.....They REALLY don't want Katherine talking to those kids for some reason because if she really was stressed out and needed relaxation SHE WOULD CALL THE KIDS TO CHECK UP ON THEM....*********I bet they told Katherine that the kids were fine and knew everything...UGGGHHHH this plot is pretty damn transparent......They know their only chance to get at that money is to get it while Katherine is still sounds as if those 3 kids won't be giving any handouts ..hahahahaha GOOD FOR THOSE KIDS

801 days ago


Neither of them have enough gas money to leave.

801 days ago


Puzzling? I think not. She's had it with all the so called Jackson kids. She's old, give her some down time. damn.

801 days ago


Whole family is creepy retard mutants

801 days ago

Throwback kid    

Maybe Paris, Blanket and Prince can go live with Prince? It would make a great reality show, the kids of the King of Pop movie in with his Purple Badness. And just for laughs, every few episodes Prince's bodyguards can beat up Jermaine while the kids watch and eat pop corn. This show would be rated higher than Jersey Shore. maybe they could hire Prince's ex vanity to be the nanny? Vanity hasn't worked since 1988 she could probably use the cash, if not call Sheiila E

801 days ago


Long story short- the police threw their lying asses out of the door.

801 days ago


I just read that Janet, Randy and Jermaine where at the Calabasas home and are banned from the property because they wanted to take the children to Mrs.Katherine Jackson and the children refused and the security tried to have them leave and had to call the sheriff. Something isn't right with this story.

801 days ago


They can demand all they want.. MJ's will was clear and they have took the estate which was close to being worthless and now in the billions again..

if anything that family should be praising them.

801 days ago


As much as I normally hate boarding schools, I really think that all three kids should be sent off to a prestigious boarding school together. Forget Katherine being their guardian, since it is obvious she doesn't give a damn about them.

Cut off 80% of her allowance and let her live on the rest.

801 days ago

w3freAn influential group of scientists gathered this week at the International AIDS Conference in

801 days ago


801 days ago

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801 days ago


Janet Jackson Tries to Take Michael’s Kids: Has She Lost Her Mind?

07/23/12 8:43pm Roger Friedman8

Janet Jackson was always considered the “normal” one of Michael’s performing siblings. But today, according to, she showed up at her mother’s $30,000 a month rented home in Calabasas, California and tried to take Michael’s three kids away from their house while Janet’s own mother was involuntarily–perhaps– out of town. Janet was accompanied by brothers Jermaine and Randy.
On top of that, Janet signed a letter to Michael’s executors last week demanding that they resign. And she agreed with a statement that Michael “despised” John Branca and John McClain. This, despite the fact that McClain actually gave Janet her career in 1984 at A&M Records with her “Control” album. A few years later it was McClain, always a friend of the Jacksons, who tried to put together Michael and Janet with their brothers for an album and a tour.
Has Janet Jackson lost her mind? Or is she now just like her brothers– in need of Michael’s money. Janet has not had a hit in many, many years. She currently has no recording contract. Her last album, “Discipline,” in 2008, sold only 450,000 copies–it didn’t even go “gold.” The album before that, “20 Y.O.” sold 650,000 copies. Her last real hit album was “Damita Jo” in 2004– eight years ago. And hit singles? She hasn’t had one since 2001, and “Someone to Call My Lover.” That’s eleven years ago, friends.
Does Janet need money? With declining album sales, and less frequent touring, the answer would be yes. Also, most of her hits were written by Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis. Many of her later hits were also based on samples from artists who had to be paid–like Carly Simon. While Janet is a name, she’s aged out of her heyday. Rihanna, Beyonce, and others have long since replaced her.
The one place where Janet can still make money: touring. Her “Number Ones” World Tour in 2011 grossed $60... million, and finished 45th out of the year’s top 50 tours according to
When all of that is calculated, it may not be so surprising that Janet Jackson’s behavior has changed–and her attitude toward Michael’s estate. For Janet to try and take Michael’s kids once her mother is out of town–it suggests that something has shifted in Janet Jackson’s mind. She’s trying to get Control, while asking What have you done for me lately?

801 days ago


That's NOT Jermaine that's Janet's nephew Austin brown.

801 days ago
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