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Katherine Jackson

'What's All The Fuss?'

7/23/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0723_katherine_jackson_x17onlineKatherine Jackson is alive and well in Arizona, though she's playing her cards close to her vest.

TMZ broke the story ... Michael Jackson's siblings whisked Katherine away to a spa in Tucson to help her escape what they called the "utter chaos" of the Jackson family home in Encino. Apparently no one told Katherine's nephew, who reported her missing Saturday night.

Now, a photo of Katherine at the Arizona spa has surfaced -- showing her playing UNO with her daughter Rebbie, her granddaughter Stacy, and her great grandson London.

Katherine is supposedly relaxing and having a good time.

Not pictured: MJ's children ... who Katherine abandoned in L.A. during her getaway.


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First off, if she was taken away from her grandchildren to get some rest, then why is there a child there in that picture? Why didn't she bring the children with her? They could of played with the kids that were there with grandma at the (cough cough) spa. Where is she really Jermaine? What did you do with her? Take a picture tomorrow morning with Katherine holding the mornings paper with the date showing. Then and only then will I believe she is alive and well, stashed away until she gives in and does what she is told. The only thing is if she does anything or signs anything over to her kids she could loose it all.

799 days ago


What type of guardian takes off and not tell the children they are responsible for? What type of family members allows that to happen and not tell anyone else in the family for a week? This family is messed up big time. Someone needs to take MJ's children away from her. She is obviously not capable of doing the job anymore. Its also obvious that no one else in the Jackson clan cares for these children or their feelings. Who leaves children like that and not tell them?

799 days ago


who hold their uno cards backwards? guess they playing weirdo jackson way

799 days ago


I don't think this lady can handle all the financial pressure from her family. I think it maybe time that the children are moved on to Diana Ross because no matter where Katherine is with Michael's children there will always be leeches around to help spend their money. Michael knew his mother was weak when it came to the needs of her other children and Joe so I really don't see why his left her to be the one to care for them. Elizabeth Taylor showed them love and kindness, unfortunately she was unable to step in. I just feel for these children because this whole family is crazy.

799 days ago


Guess who is probably paying for this getaway, MJ's estate. SMH

799 days ago


Look at MJ's parents. Look at MJ.. Joe and Kathleen were abysmal failures as parents. Why is it any surprise that MJ's kids have issues?

799 days ago


Someone needs to call Child Protective Services, if any other parent/guardian just up and disappeared and left their kids unattended, they'd be picked up in a minute. Something doesn't smell right here.

799 days ago


Good for you Mrs Jackson! Take as long as you want. Pwilkers2012

799 days ago


The fact that this half-wit USER doesn't know what the fuss is all about tells me she absolutely should not care for those children. Why would she refuse to speak with them when they were so clearly worried about her? What parent refuses to speak to their children when they're "relaxing.?" I hate these people. All they want is MJ's money and I'm sure they are trying to convince their mother that THEY should be the ones handling the estate. That's why they whisked her away. Michael's little girl seems to have some serious smarts. I hope she stops the money train the second she is old enough.

799 days ago


If she took of to relax with other family members and didn't tell MJ's kids where she was, maybe the kids are the reason she needed to leave.

799 days ago


WoW, why all the hate against Katherine?

From all reports it seemed she was tricked into leaving and Paris has still not heard from her!

Grandma being maniputlated here.....

799 days ago


When was the picture taken? At first they said she was resting at Rebbie's house in Arizona and now the say they say she's was whisked away to a spa and why won't they let her speak to her grandchildren? This is crazy and I'm not believing one word of it.

799 days ago


She appears to be clueless about what is happening, you can thank her children for that I guess. I'm glad Paris has common sense.

799 days ago


She probably has no idea that the world thinks she's missing, and she probaly has no idea the kids are worried because she is being told LIES by certain family members. This is absolutely crazy and this will not end until the truth comes out so Janet and company need to let her go home or at least call Paris!

799 days ago


I don't know! Tell me is it Live or is it Memorex?? Who knows what timeline that photo is from besides Katherine and that little boy next to her look a little Photoshopped to me.The shadow on the bottom half of Katherine's shirt is suspicious and look at everybody's cards you can make them out to having UNO on them, but the pile of cards in front of Katie is Blank as Typing paper.....Hand on my chin,eyes to the ceiling and in my Inspector Gadget voice, Hummmmm!

799 days ago
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