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Katherine Jackson

At Arizona Spa

7/23/2012 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0722-Katherine-Jackson_getty_2Katherine Jackson is at a fancy spa in Tucson, Arizona, but the big question now ... why did leave Michael Jackson's 3 kids?

Sources tell us ... Michael Jackson's siblings took Katherine from the family compound in Encino, CA to the Arizona spa, because they feel "the house is utter chaos" and Katherine is exhausted.

Here's the mystery ... Paris and presumably the other 2 kids were never told Katherine was leaving and it's been a week since they've seen her. So why would Michael's brothers and sisters yank Katherine from the home when she is the only parental link to the 3 kids who are still coping with their father's death?

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... there's a "concerted effort" to get Katherine on board to challenge Michael Jackson's will and get the Executors removed.  In addition to Randy and Jermaine, Rebbie and Janet are also on board, although it's unclear exactly how much Jackie supports the move.

Michael's siblings think they have a lot to gain if the will is invalidated.  But here's the problem -- if the will is invalidated, the prior will becomes effective and under that document they still end up with goose eggs.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is still treating the report that Katherine went missing as an open investigation and they are doing a follow-up to make sure she's ok.


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Wow these people are something else- maybe they are the ones who should have been investigated in MJ's death- there is no way the executors are going to be removed no matter how sick or whatever Katherine is-they are wasting their time-and if they keep it up the kids should be taken from Katherine and put in Diana Ross's care and the mother can get a lot less money

792 days ago


The police and CPS need to KEEP investigating!!!

It doesn't come as any surprise that certain of the late MJ's siblings and Papa Joe want his money (i.e., to take it away from the kids), but what is really underhanded is removing Miss Katherine from the home without the kids knowing? Sounds like kidnapping to me, whether or not Miss Katherine is still competent (and my money is on no, something is seriously wrong-she wouldn't abandon those children).

792 days ago


She left the grankids with no word because they were cramping her style. Granma needed a booty call and she couldn't get her groove on in Encino with one of the rugrats always running around.

792 days ago


What adult would leave a 14 year old, 13 year old and a 9 year old children home alone( with nanny) and leave for a week without checking in on them and not let the kids know where you are and who you are with. Cell phone in hand I bet she talked to her lawyer but not her grand kids? These kids need protection from the likes of grandma and her disgusting money grubbing kids.

792 days ago


None of my business and Mrs. Jackson is doing just fine without any commentary from any of us. Her grandchildren included.

792 days ago


The thing that's probably exhausting Mrs. Jackson is the pressure she's receiving from her children. The brothers NEED for that Will to be invalidated so that they can have money to live on.

The executors have done an EXCELLENT job in rebuilding Michael's brand and paying off his enormous debt. They are sticking to the terms of the Will and are only supporting Mrs. Jackson -- and it is killing the brothers because there's nothing left to support them.

If that Will were invalidated, they would blow through that money like a category 5 hurricane. I also wouldn't put it past one of those sleeze balls to try and have one or more of the children removed from the Will because Michael didn't have the foresight to officially adopt them all.

I'm especially surprised that Janet is part of this. She has her own money. Perhaps she sees this as her only way to keep her brothers out of her own pocketbook.

Bottom line, these brothers need to get some real jobs. The Jackson 5 has been dead for a very long time. They had plenty of time to build up some sort of business or develop some type of skill to prepare for the day when they were no longer famous (which has been a while).

792 days ago


These parasitic blood sucking ****ers would do anything to get their hands on that money. Douche.Bags.

792 days ago


Is there not one NON-DOUCHEBAG lawyer in all of California that could take these kids under their wing and DO THE RIGHT THING? Eg: keep those parasite away from their money.

792 days ago


Sorry, not buying it. Katherine is just covering for them now, the way she did for Joe and MJ. They knew she would.

What does she need to rest up for? Things with the estate are in hand and she has been getting money for MJ's kids whenever she requests it. MJ's children aren't wild like Jermaine's out of control sons, so why would she be frazzled? The problem is she can't request $ from the estate for the lazy bastards and they're used to getting it funneled to them.

Why can't they live off of the residuals they get from their own music? They're all old now and should have enough to live off of. They must expect that their dumb kids be provided for. At least Latoya and Janet didn't breed too much.

792 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Those kids were WAY WAY better off with Michael, he taught them discipline and didn't let them use the computer to be all over social networking sites. MICHAEL IS TURNING IN HIS GRAVE RIGHT NOW. Those MONEY HUNGRY AZZHOLES MAKE ME SICK. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN TO THOSE KIDS!!

792 days ago


What a pathetic excuse for family. Hope the court protects those children against Michael's greedy siblings. I have a brother and I cannot imagine EVER thinking I should be included in his will, much less ever fighting his kids for a portion of it. These people have no class. Disgusting.

792 days ago


I don't understand why Katherine can't even talk to the kids on the phone even is she is on "vacation". This makes no sense. Jermaine's statement on twitter last night was deranged. They realize Katherine is old and doesn't have that much longer to live and they want her to sign a new will ASAP. I bet when she does pass, you will see that she revised her will sometime in the past two weeks while she was on "vacation" with Rebbie. They want her $$ and don't want her dying before she wills it to them. I think the Jacksons are sick, greedy, and twisted.

792 days ago


First we here that the police went to see her at Rebbies house, where she was found playing scrabble and eating at the dining table, now we're told she's at a spa?

What the hell is going on around the web these days?

Additionally, I never saw Katherine as some annointed saint! She allowed her pos husband to abuse these kids their whole childhood. Hell, she's still married to the loser.

This is one messed up family, and I believe none is batter than the other. I can't imagine ONE reason how this woman can leave those kids alone without one word from her in over a week! And, knowing the lengths that her grandaughter has gone to contact her, and still no call, is disgusting. And certainly not the actions of a caring grandmother! And unless they kidnapped her, there's NO excuse for her not reaching out to them for that long. She's not just their guardian, she's supposed to be their grandmother!

792 days ago

I Was About To Say    


792 days ago


I find it Insanely funny that she petitioned the executors about six months about for a raise in support funds to raise the children. Then comes the major reno done at the compound and here she is at a SPA in Arizona. I wonder if that upped support was approved?

792 days ago
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