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Katherine Jackson

At Arizona Spa

7/23/2012 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0722-Katherine-Jackson_getty_2Katherine Jackson is at a fancy spa in Tucson, Arizona, but the big question now ... why did leave Michael Jackson's 3 kids?

Sources tell us ... Michael Jackson's siblings took Katherine from the family compound in Encino, CA to the Arizona spa, because they feel "the house is utter chaos" and Katherine is exhausted.

Here's the mystery ... Paris and presumably the other 2 kids were never told Katherine was leaving and it's been a week since they've seen her. So why would Michael's brothers and sisters yank Katherine from the home when she is the only parental link to the 3 kids who are still coping with their father's death?

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... there's a "concerted effort" to get Katherine on board to challenge Michael Jackson's will and get the Executors removed.  In addition to Randy and Jermaine, Rebbie and Janet are also on board, although it's unclear exactly how much Jackie supports the move.

Michael's siblings think they have a lot to gain if the will is invalidated.  But here's the problem -- if the will is invalidated, the prior will becomes effective and under that document they still end up with goose eggs.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is still treating the report that Katherine went missing as an open investigation and they are doing a follow-up to make sure she's ok.


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X17online is now reporting The children did know of her plans and in fact Prince helped carry her bags to the car. She left to get away from :Trent" as he is the main source of Katherine's stress, with filing false reports, keeping anyone from talking to the kids and even elder abuse. So if he is so bad then why leave MJ's kids behind at home with the very person at the center of this causing the trouble? Why does this family let crap like this happen all the time. Seriously!

730 days ago

Best Mom    

I hope Michael is looking down smiling and thinking "now people will finally understand why I wanted no part of this family." Michael's actions about his family spoke loud and clear when he was with us - and they speak even louder now that he is gone.

730 days ago


It sounds like they are trying to keep her from her grandkids to wear her down. When your the main caregiver for any child you love them like they are your own children and being away from them for any period of time is difficult. They are probably tyring to break her by hiting her right in the heart. 2 Weeks is a very long time to be away from your kids. She will crack under pressure if she isn't taken from her twisted family soon.

730 days ago


I think Prince needs to apply for emancipation and custody of Paris and Blanket.

730 days ago


Did katherine ever get rid of that woman who has kids by both jermaine and randy? they were all living there too.

730 days ago


The siblings may have gotten her out of the house, but there has been no indication of kidnapping or that she was prevented from calling MJ's kids. Also, if the kids are still coping to the point where grandma isn't there causes extreme distress, they aren't coping well at all. TMZ, is it possible that any distress they may feel has nothing to do with "coping" with a death that occurred three years ago?

730 days ago


I must say, I expected this nonsense from LaToya, NOT Janet! Anyone else agree with that? But then again, Janet hasn't had a hit in ages, she might be getting low on flow. I do wonder where LaToya gets her money from though, haha....

730 days ago


Lets not forget that the mj will states that if Katherine
Should die, the kids go too Diana ross. Its amazing that he did not want his family too raise his children.
That alone speaks volumes about this greedy clan.

730 days ago


And who is watching the kids? I hope the justice system see's through this terrible family and does not allow them to steal MJ's money from those kids. The Jackson's are washed up, broke, and a bunch of losers. That goes for Janet too!

730 days ago


Here's a thought: Maybe it's none of our business!?

730 days ago


Because they're nasty little spoiled monsters? Just a wild guess.

730 days ago


That Michael's siblings are up to know good is clear. This is all about the money. Rebbie is one of the letter-signers. Spiriting Katherine away, not telling Paris, Prince or Blanket her whereabouts and not keeping an open channel of communication are all red flags that certain siblings are trying to force Katherine into doing things that she doesn't want to do, or are attempting to shoe Katherine as incompetent in order to place her under conservatorship in order to control Michael's estate.These greedy siblings should be warned that they are going to be investigated for their greedy actions. The history of attempted money-grabs is growing and growing and Mr.Branca was not born yesterday. Michael did not leave his brothers or sisters a dime and they just need to accept that fact.

730 days ago


Something is seriously screwy with his family. I don't believe for a minute that Katherine wanted this and that she went willingly. There is no way that she would willingly not have contact with Paris for that long. There's a reason he wanted her to have custody of his children. I know people who work for the estate and Michael's children are supposedly extremely well behaved and Katherine cares for them deeply. His children should get what's left of his money, not his family. I can't believe Janet is a part of this, either. With the exception of Janet, every single one of his siblings has been a moocher. It's sickening. It's really hard to get a will changed, so I kind of doubt they'll be able to do it and in this case, it definitely needs the executors.

730 days ago


When u go on twitter and u check who MJ brothers and sisters follow NONE of them follow Paris. Isnyg that weird also is K Jackson there guardian. I think they all dislike Paris

730 days ago


It's also clear and obvious that the family didn't respect Michaels wishes from the moment he died. How long did it take for that family to rip the masks from the kids, and shove them in front of the cameras once he was dead? I mean, yes, it seemed strange to me that they wore masks, but when I heard Paris tell why their father did, it kinds made sense....kinda.

730 days ago
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