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Mariah Carey


to Work With

7/23/2012 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey
was a "nightmare to work with" during her brief stint as a guest mentor on "American Idol" in 2008 -- this according to sources on the show.

Sources tell TMZ, Mariah -- who made her mentor cameo on "Idol" Season 7 -- was incredibly late for her shoot at the Beverly Hills Hotel," not very nice at all," and ridiculously nitpicky about tiny details.

In contrast, the same sources agree  J.Lo was a pleasure -- "night and day" compared to Mariah. We're told J.Lo was all about business, in and out, no mess, no fuss.

As we reported, Mariah has been tapped as the newest judge for "Idol" next season. She signed a deal worth roughly $18 million for her first year on the show.


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I feel sorry for Nick having to be married to that self centered sack of sh1t. Even when Mariah talks about Nick as a father she's not complementary. I've talked with people providing services to her and they echo what TMZ has said - in essence she's self centered and difficult to work with. Maybe if she doubled up on the Prozac it would chill her out some......

830 days ago


My sources tell me Jennifer Lopez is stubborn, difficult, rude and demanding.
My sources tell me Mariah is sweet, friendly, easy to please and generally pleasant.

830 days ago


There go my Idol watching days. You couldn't pay me to tune in for Mariah Carey. Ugh!

830 days ago


Although I gave up on Idol years ago at least someone who can actually sing is judging...what a slap in the face it must have been to have Paula Abdul tell you you're not good enough.

830 days ago


Unreal. $12 million to do what??? This self-obsessed idiot will add nothing to any show execpt her own delusions of grandieur. Her trashy wardrobe that's always two sizes too small is just another reason to NEVER watch this show.

830 days ago


What a downgrade, Mariah has no sense of fashion nor is interesting at all, I guess her talent will not be enough to entertain people, I will not be watching.....

830 days ago


I have a really hard time believing this story if she was so hard and difficult to work with on one episode than why pay 12million or possibly more for one season.

830 days ago


Shes just a big FAT bitch

830 days ago

The Neko Nation    

I had the deal with Mariah and her diva ways when she came to our facility for a show. There is nothing wrong if you have demands but to treat people and talk to them like they are beneath you is not acceptable. She is rude, mean, and I feel bad for the people who have to deal with her on a daily basis.

830 days ago


Her and her ginormous camel toe. If you haven't seen it google Mariah Cary camel toe. Look at your own risk though.

830 days ago

Tim Wilson    

Please kill this show! It has been dead for years already.

830 days ago


"You'll be sorry!!!!!!!!" ~ :every single employee @ Virgin Records:

830 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Mariah is a diva as is J-Lo. And i don't mean that in a positive way. Both of them think they are so special and everyone should bow to them and be at their beckon call throwing rose pedals where they walk and knowing what they want without them even asking.

They both suck and American Idol sucks. The show is more about the judges than the crappy contestants. AI got bad when they started showing less and less of the bad auditions.

830 days ago

Canada Guy    

I say add Shania Twain. She was awesome as a mentor and her "niceness" will really show the people what a bitch demon Mariah Carey is.

830 days ago


these lies, fallacies and fairy tales right now.

people have only sang her praises for being so down to earth and professional.

tmz you're reaching so hard, i'm gonna send yall a case of icy hot for your muscle strains.

830 days ago
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