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Mel Gibson's Step-Mom

Mel Better PAY

For My Divorce

7/23/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's step-mother insists it's all Mel's fault she's getting divorced from the actor's father -- and now, she wants Mel to pay her legal bills.

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson just filed legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court, asking a judge to make Mel a party in her divorce proceedings with Mel's father Hutton Gibson, who filed for divorce back in June.

According to the docs, filed by attorney Brian J. Kramer, Mel not only pushed his father to divorce Teddy -- he booted her from her marital home too ... and has been covering Hutton's legal bills.

As a result of his alleged involvement, Teddy wants a judge to order Mel to pay HER legal costs too -- which she estimates will be around $65,000. She says she has already spent $30,000.

Teddy also wants a judge to order Mel to let her back into her house. (As we reported, Teddy is already seeking a restraining order to block Mel from kicking her out, but that hasn't been ruled on yet).

And there's more ... Teddy wants $15,000/month in spousal support from Hutton -- an expense Mel would probably be footing.

There's a hearing today to rule on Teddy's latest request.

1:45 PM PT -- The judge declined to rule today, setting a hearing on the matter for August. Hutton has also filed docs saying Teddy isn't entitled to money -- because she's got access to plenty of her own funds.


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rich vs poor

the poor will slowly but surely start to find ways to punish and deteriorate the rich: lawsuits harassment, character assassination - the poor and jobless can only take being poor for so long ....the middle class will get caught up in the nonsense no doubt

I see allot of failed poor folk ( I will assume unemployed as well) on TMZ attacking the rich, attacking anyone who has worked their butt off to make a life for themselves whether it is an athlete, politician or actor.

799 days ago


Sense of entitlement much?

799 days ago


If you don't like your in-laws, they should be forced to pay you $15,000 a's a new law, not widely known yet :D

799 days ago


Didnt she forget to add the child support payments for her grown children if she has them. that should add another $100,000 a month to a already bogus divorce filing.

799 days ago


$15,000/mo? She never had that much money in her life, and Hutton probably didn't either.

Children sometimes have a obligation to support indigent parents, so Miss Teddy Joye (sounds like a good name for a stripper) should be looking to her own son.

Good luck, honey.

799 days ago


So this explains the pix that Daily Mail posted of Mr Mel being the good dad.
I totally called this! If Mel is meddling in someone else's marriage then he should be footing the bill.
If he really hates Teddy that much you'd think he'd want to pay to get her out of the picture.

799 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

This is awful: given the recent rash of women money grabbers there have been, maybe you're right!! :(

I'm a woman too, These women are making me very ashamed! I do not have that 'USE' gene in me. I AM a mutant!

799 days ago


mel gibson is a past actor who now has to do crazy **** to get his name out their and who cares about who anyone goes out with as long as their happy anyone agree? reply

799 days ago


Sorry Mr Mel, but when you stick your nose in other people's business (or marriages) you get called out for it.

799 days ago


Why would Mel have to pay a dime to his dad's wife? If someone has a rational answer, I'd love to know.

799 days ago


What's next Teddy going to try to be an ex-hollywood wife? What a joke.

799 days ago


She's probally talking with Ox.

799 days ago


We need a Lethal Weapon 5, but with a good enough story to get Mel and Danny interested, instead of a boring formulaic script where they have to replace the cast as Warner Bros is discussing

799 days ago


In other words she's broke trying to mooch off mel

799 days ago


AAAHAHAHAH! Look at the flockers clucking away like mad. Spew MORE hate at someone they dont know (and who did NOTHING to them).
A sad sorry bunch of bitter old women who have NOTHING but hate filled hearts.
Oh poor poor poor Mr Mel, the victim YET AGAIN.

799 days ago
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