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Mel Gibson's Step-Mom

Mel Better PAY

For My Divorce

7/23/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's step-mother insists it's all Mel's fault she's getting divorced from the actor's father -- and now, she wants Mel to pay her legal bills.

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson just filed legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court, asking a judge to make Mel a party in her divorce proceedings with Mel's father Hutton Gibson, who filed for divorce back in June.

According to the docs, filed by attorney Brian J. Kramer, Mel not only pushed his father to divorce Teddy -- he booted her from her marital home too ... and has been covering Hutton's legal bills.

As a result of his alleged involvement, Teddy wants a judge to order Mel to pay HER legal costs too -- which she estimates will be around $65,000. She says she has already spent $30,000.

Teddy also wants a judge to order Mel to let her back into her house. (As we reported, Teddy is already seeking a restraining order to block Mel from kicking her out, but that hasn't been ruled on yet).

And there's more ... Teddy wants $15,000/month in spousal support from Hutton -- an expense Mel would probably be footing.

There's a hearing today to rule on Teddy's latest request.

1:45 PM PT -- The judge declined to rule today, setting a hearing on the matter for August. Hutton has also filed docs saying Teddy isn't entitled to money -- because she's got access to plenty of her own funds.


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The flock has NO WAY of disproving any of Teddy's claims (they can not prove whether she's lying or not)...all they have is what Mr Mel (or camp Gibnuts) says and frankly his word has proven to be very useful

830 days ago

Big Boy Pants    

OMFG.... Absolutely ridiculous. Why in the hell should Gibson have to pay? Rotten little wench - all comes down to trying to line her pockets.

830 days ago


Of course he’s paying Hutton’s bills - he’s his FATHER. And I love how before (when she was trying to kill the man by forcing him off his meds) it wasn’t about money because she had her own but now she wants all this plus thousands a month. Greedy bitch - I hope she gets nothing.

830 days ago


Hey, I was divorced 16 years ago. I am pretty sure my ex watched some movies made by Mel and was probably influenced by what he saw, which probably influenced our maritial difficulties in some random way. So, I think Mel should re-pay me for the legal costs of my divorce and then pay me support too. No?
For heaven's sake! Mel should probably give away all of his money so he can get a good night's sleep.

830 days ago


She needs to remember that she is divorcing Mel's father; not Mel. So she doesn't get to cash in. If he is paying his father's legal bills, good for him. Let her pay her own bills.

830 days ago


Sweet if she can sue Mel for the divorce bills, I'm going to sue my ex-mother in law for the same thing for raising her man hating psycho daughter to be just like her.

But in reality, only in California. lol No wonder it's going bankrupt.

830 days ago

StarryStarryNight ignorant slut.

STFU and pay your own bills.

830 days ago

Sin D    

Gibson is over and his Hollywood career is done. Goodbye Mel...

830 days ago

Mystery Guest    

Pretty ballsy to try to get someone's kid to pay you spousal support.

830 days ago


This woman has no dignity or selfrespect. All she cares about is money. I bet that was one of the reasons she married Hutton in the first place. She should be ashamed of herself. First she tried to kill him and now she wants Mel to pay her for trying. I bet all of the Gibson children are behind Mel in all he has and will do for their Father.


830 days ago


I always looked up to Mel, but right now, I hope he learns his lesson. He should question people and their motives. But then, he is a PR guy. Always assuming to be on the right side, the money side. Whereas unassuming people, they don't make for good PR. There's no business like show business.

830 days ago


@Cug You said: "This is all giblets doing. She paid for Pappy for years before Gibby cooked up another scheme."

Um, think again about Teddy Joye paying the bills. She didn't own the house as I suspected. Gibson did. She's incurred $30K in divorce expenses in a matter of weeks? Gibson is likely already paying her attorney. She's likely using the money she already skimmed off Hutton's support by skimping on meds and food ... that Gibson supplied. ;-)

830 days ago


So the Judge is now delaying a ruling until AUGUST - translation - time for MG to cough up some $$ to make this go away.

830 days ago


Mel played the race card a long time ago. He wanted it this way, gave him a nice, clean, cut image. People, former friends, encouraged him. And all I can say, thank Christ for property or otherwise I'd think someone would be searchin' for a home in heaven :-)
And dirt doesn't get any worse.

830 days ago


Mel Gibson's step-mother insists it's all Mel's fault she's getting divorced from the actor's father -- and now, she wants Mel to pay her legal bills.

I guess, it's Mel Gibson's fault that she had a "DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED" opinion regarding how her husband's failing health should have been addressed. Teddy Joye "CONVENIENTLY" forgot about the accusations of "ELDER ABUSE" due to "HER FAILURE" to administer his prescribed medications. Under normal cir***stances, I don't see "WHY" she feels the Gibsons should "TOLERATE" HER PRESENCE. She obviously has "NO AUTHORITY" REGARDING "ANY" DECISIONS THAT INVOLVE HER HUSBAND'S HEALTH CARE AND HIS SON'S CHARITY "OWNS" THE HOME THEY RESIDED IN AS A COUPLE!!! There are times when the "SMARTEST MOVE" is to know when it's time TO GET THE "HELL UP AND LEAVE"!!! She married Hutton Gibson for "BETTER OR WORSE" -- NOT HIS SOMEWHAT "WEALTHY" SON!!! This woman is "DESPERATELY" CLINGING TO "THIN AIR"!!! The judge's ruling will be "SOMEWHAT INTERESTING"!!! It would be a "TRAVESTY" IF SHE'S NOT HELD "ACCOUNTABLE" FOR HER "OWN" LEGAL EXPENSES!!! HER ENTITLEMENT ISSUES ARE REALLY "WAY OUT OF WHACK"!!!

830 days ago
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