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Mel Gibson's Step-Mom

Mel Better PAY

For My Divorce

7/23/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
's step-mother insists it's all Mel's fault she's getting divorced from the actor's father -- and now, she wants Mel to pay her legal bills.

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson just filed legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court, asking a judge to make Mel a party in her divorce proceedings with Mel's father Hutton Gibson, who filed for divorce back in June.

According to the docs, filed by attorney Brian J. Kramer, Mel not only pushed his father to divorce Teddy -- he booted her from her marital home too ... and has been covering Hutton's legal bills.

As a result of his alleged involvement, Teddy wants a judge to order Mel to pay HER legal costs too -- which she estimates will be around $65,000. She says she has already spent $30,000.

Teddy also wants a judge to order Mel to let her back into her house. (As we reported, Teddy is already seeking a restraining order to block Mel from kicking her out, but that hasn't been ruled on yet).

And there's more ... Teddy wants $15,000/month in spousal support from Hutton -- an expense Mel would probably be footing.

There's a hearing today to rule on Teddy's latest request.

1:45 PM PT -- The judge declined to rule today, setting a hearing on the matter for August. Hutton has also filed docs saying Teddy isn't entitled to money -- because she's got access to plenty of her own funds.


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well realist, prove it did.
@ Really wanna see....Peyton will probably end up in a wheelchair or paralysed. He's a fool for trying to keep his career going.

825 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Hey Realist, you notice when the pig thing Idiot starts getting angry he will cycle out the old insults/arguments 'prove it, Realist''Where's the beef?' LOL! And 'Sam made friends and I'm jealous', I mean 'Sam is lonely blah blah' and then tries to dis me for posting when it posts, just to name a few!!

Over and over and over like no one will notice!! LOL! So MU C H FUN!! :P

825 days ago


Hey Realist. I cant prove the treatments didnt work just like you cant prove they did.
Tell me this - what was Hutton being treated for?

825 days ago


Realist, my challenge to you is VERY SIMPLE. I asked you to tell me what medical condition Mr Hutton has that would cause Mr Mel to seek Stem Cell Treatment.
By telling me the ailment, then I can very easily look-up stem cell treatment for said aliment. Once I find how successful the stem cell treatment is, I could very easily agree with you and say you're right.
But of course you'll be required to provide AIR TIGHT PROOF that you KNOW EXACTLY what ailment he has and is being treated cant toss out one of your hair brained theories (like you've done with "legal" things)

825 days ago


WHOOMP! There it is flock! Bahahaaaabaaahahaa! Told ya! She's going after him on all of the charges I predicted. Perfect timing too. If she gets approval to move back in the house, (which she will because it was illegal) the RO will be a given. Then he will be a party going into the divorce proceedings with a RO. Brilliant. Her lawyer is playing their hand nicely and these hearing won't bode well for Gibby.

Realist you're dreaming if you think that a RO won't effect Gibby's probation. He has once again proved himself a menace, and now that he's on probation, the court will frown upon his attempts to bully and threaten an old lady.

As far as the support issue goes -
Tell: she did own the WV house. Ask Realist. She knows where the tax bill was being sent. You don't know if Gibby was giving them $POTC$ at the time. It doesn't sound like it! When Gibby moved them to a house conveniently located near the COM, what makes you think Pappy had an expense account? If he did, don't you think it would be considered 'charity' anyway? LOL!

Realist: the 'knowing her place' comment was really sexist and archaic - even coming from a relic like you. She took care of Pappy the whole time they were married, and over 10 years is a significant amount of time. She had a right as his spouse to be involved in the course of treatment. Gibby tried to take it away by lying. Let's see if he backs down from the claims about 'withholding meds'. He can't use the excuse about shuttling Pappy around as an excuse for not letting him live with Teddy in TX since he was shuttling him all over the southwest. Teddy was planning on footing the bill for Pappy with that move. Remember that when you start squawking about her being a money hungry grifter. Some retard on here is calling her a whore. What a misinformed blimpoid!

The 15 Gs equates to 'compensatory damages'. Call it what you willbut that's what it will cost Gibby for disrupting her life and destroying her marriage. Its the price he has to pay to stay out of jail. If he's smart he won't fight it.

On another note:

The COM was an attempt to make Gibby look like a charitible guy who gave back after making all of that money off of the story of Christ. The reality is he didn't give back. All of the money that he put into that church has either sat there, or has been filtered through. 40 million? It must look like the Sistene Chapel. ITA with 2is suspicion that he closed it down because he doesn't want people to see how spartan it is inside.

2i - all I can say is LE SNORTLE @ the latest news. We keep telling flock that this is all Gibby's doing but they are too thick and stubborn to see it. It must be the woman's fault! She doesn't know her place! King Gibby is not to be reckoned with or it will end very badly! Not this time flock. Brace yourselves.

825 days ago


ahhh -- so comical

When Grandpa Nazi was asking for legal fees & support -- ** NONE ** of the house fraus called him a GOLD DIGGER

These ole hypocrites just hate women!!!

825 days ago


I don't hate women doucheymcdouchebag. In fact, I know they get stuck on the poverty end of the stick w/divorce raising children, while the husband goes on to prosper and be free of responsibility. That's a fact. I hate gold diggers that need $240 million or $20K/month (whatever the courts decide) to raise a single child or old hags that scheme and try to off their husbands. Big diff.

825 days ago


I'm an equal opportunity hater. I hate bad behavior and greed.

825 days ago

Tnvolgirl in Phoenix    

Douchebag = Mel

825 days ago


Worth repeating in plain sight, deserves best post award:


the fictional character portrayed in the TMZ story might be but who knows who the real person is. There is no connection between the stories sold here on TMZ and reality.

TMZ people refuse to acknowledge that the juiced up distorted BS reality sold here on TMZ is not necessarily the true reality

Furthermore, one wonders to what interests tmz might be pandering (besides the obvious $$), prompting the distorted "news"...

825 days ago


And a bell was ringing in the TMZ Blog for the rabbits on the run.
Spam on the run, Spam on the run.

825 days ago



I'm an equal opportunity hater. I hate bad behavior and greed.
Then why do you support Mr Mel? He displays bad behavior and is greedy (and not just in the financial sense of the word).

825 days ago


"Hutton has also filed docs saying Teddy isn't entitled to money -- because she's got access to plenty of her own funds. "

just another instance where woman-hater is proven WRONG again!!!

825 days ago


the picture they use for beater-boi here...

Looks like Joe E must of pushed out an air biscuit while gibletz was working the insertion.

825 days ago


HAHAHA! BIG FAIL for Teddy Kevorkian!!!


824 days ago
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