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Marlon Jackson

Breaks Down in Interview


7/24/2012 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

072412_jacksons_insider_launchMarlon Jackson just broke down in tears during an interview ... and walked off the set -- after explaining how his mother has been forcibly cut off from the rest of her family.

Marlon -- along with brothers Tito and Jackie -- were sitting for an interview with "The Insider" when Marlon choked up.

Marlon explained, "We've been told that our mother is safe. She's doing well. But we have not spoken to her. We have not talked to her and I don't know where my mother is."

At that point, Marlon grew incensed, saying, "All i know is she is in Arizona, and whatever doctor is saying I can't talk to my mother you call ME!" Marlon then stormed off.

Randy Jackson -- one of the siblings who helped whisk away Katherine to Arizona -- has said Katherine was under doctor's orders to escape the constant frenzy of the Jackson home, and relax.

Clearly, Marlon didn't get the memo.


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And who cares if they are white or not really his blood. Has a DNA test been done? Even if they aren't his by blood, saying they aren't his real children is an insult to Adopted people across the world. He chose them, he raised them, he obviously loved them. They loved him. Why wouldn't he build his own family with Vultures like his siblings around? It's sad they are living the life he fought to shield them from.

820 days ago


Now if only his family member showed this type of remorse for all the little boys that MJ molested. Think about how they must feel and hopefully this guy will realize not being able to see mommy isn't hardly as bad as going through life scarred due to a sick pervert having molested you.

820 days ago


Last comment I swear... I will say that I was a huge Janet fan but after this I am totally turned off by her. When she said "Miss Jackson if you're nasty" I had no idea she was a nasty bitch like this!

820 days ago


I tend to believe Marlon because he and Jackie did NOT sign that letter challenging the executors. Tito did but has since changed his mind about his signature. This mess is awful and I can't believe how worked up I'M getting about this! Where is Katherine!!!

I can understand them coming on TV to put public pressure on the family. They know this whole mess is publicized so what better way of getting the message out? Just a shame that Katherine and those young kids are in the middle of this. But if Katherine IS of sound mind and not being held captive, why not make a phone call to those kids and her sons who haven't heard from her? Just something fishy....

820 days ago


They are so Fake wow they need to go and get a reall job, losser, Mj kids need to keep away from them "uncles" mony hunger people

820 days ago


I bet that Tom Cruise is sending every member of this dysfunctional family a giganic fruit/muffin/gift basket about right now.

820 days ago


Who cries with their sunglasses still on their face? Faked a$$ Marlon. I feel like all the Jackson sibilings are scamming Michael's children and the public.

820 days ago

The Real Victim    

How to Create Drama for Dummies!

HINT: Marlon, Tito and Jackie just got paid.

820 days ago


First Tito, then Jackie, now Marlon is playing like they were concerned from the get go? PUHLEEZE. That's why Paris was the first one to make a cry for help.

820 days ago


Prince Michael, Paris, Blanket: R-U-N !!!!!!!!

820 days ago


I think Tito's son TJ should get them. He wants it and so do they. I don't get a bad vibe from him. Isn't that who's caring for them while KJ is "resting."

820 days ago


Why isn't a social worker or someone going to the house in Arizona to do a check on her, or her attorney. Obviously something is wrong with her and what the hell is wrong with this family? Geez, I am beginning to think Janet, Randy and Jerkoff put the needle into MJ's vein themselves. They are horrible disgusting pigs. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if TMZ is reporting over the next week that Katherine died.

820 days ago


Just wondering if any of the Jacksons have bothered to notice that Michael's Executors have actually worked really hard turning his practically bankrupt estate into a profitable one, paying off a HALF BILLION DOLLARS worth of debt and still able to give Katherine 60g a month for child support on top of paying all living expenses in two extremely lavish homes, one is being totally renivated on what I guess is MJ's dime from the estate. They should be grateful to these men that they are handling things so well and their mother is able to live out the rest of her life as she has been acustomed too again thanks to her son MJ...they sure couldn't take care of her financially like this. Back off of her and the kids. Have some respect for your mother!!!!

820 days ago


Someone from the Office of the Aging should intervene and interview Katherine to see if she is competent, being drugged or what. How scary to know that your own children could manipulate you just for MONEY. How tragic and shameful.

820 days ago


"Money is the root of all evil people". Kind of sad that Janet had to join in on the money grubbing after all its your fault you married Jermaine Dupre another industry sellout money grubber who milked your ass for all its worth.

820 days ago
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